Indirect Tax Services

We provide specialised services in the areas of

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Tax rates, VAT law and VAT systems differ in each Member State. VAT is a complex area that requires expert advice to ensure that you are maximising the cost effectiveness of your business.

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VAT Control Statement

All VAT payers are obliged to submit a control statement if they have made a local taxable supply or have claimed an excess VAT deduction.

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Customs & Excise

Although EU membership has greatly simplified the intra-Community customs procedures for international trade, many new rules and regulations governing trade outside the EU now apply to the Czech Republic.

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Excise Duty

The term excise duty comprises taxes on ethyl alcohol, beer, wine and intermediates, mineral oils and tobacco products. Generally, natural or legal persons who produce or trade the above-mentioned products are also excise-duty payers.

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Environmental Taxes

The current environmental tax reform introduced new environmental taxes into the Czech tax system effective from 1 January 2008. Taxation of electricity, natural gas, and solid fuels (i.e., energy products) is applied if the energy products are supplied by the supplier to final consumers or when untaxed or exempted energy products are consumed.

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