Customs & Excise

Although EU membership has greatly simplified the intra-Community customs procedures for international trade, many new rules and regulations governing trade outside the EU now apply to the Czech Republic.

Non-compliance with these new rules can lead to severe financial consequences such as penalties for late payment of incorrectly applied customs tariffs, or being unable to recover import VAT. PwC' customs team provides you with the help and advice you on legislation and the correct application of customs duties and tariffs.

Our services

  • Review of the correct application of tariff classifications
  • Assistance with customs valuation
  • Advice on duty suspension
  • Advice on rules of origin
  • Assistance with implementation of various customs regimes
  • Advice on simplified procedures
  • Advice on electronic declarations and the electronic transfer of information
  • Assistance with Authorised Economic Operator certification
  • Advice on planning for the implementation of various customs requirements
  • Advice on any refunds or exemptions which may be applicable
  • Advice on possible customs relief within the framework of investment incentives
  • Assistance with planning and implementing new strategies to maximise profits on the sale and distribution of goods
  • Assistance with analysing your business operations to minimise the costs of international trade
  • Feasibility studies on alternative sourcing of imported goods from countries with preferential trade status
  • Assistance in negotiations with customs and excise departments


Martin Diviš

Martin Diviš

Lead Partner, Tax and Legal Services, PwC Czech Republic

Tel: +420 602 749 934

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