International Assignment Solutions

PwC provides comprehensive tax and legal services in the form of personal income tax, social security, health insurance and immigration law when arranging work-related assignments of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic and work-related assignments of Czech citizens abroad. In the Czech Republic, we have been specialising in this area since 1992. We are part of a worldwide network that connects more than 57 countries. Being an international company allows us to provide the required services not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. In case of need, we can coordinate the global migration of workers.

We can provide full support in the area of human resources management. We also specialise in assessing and optimising the benefits provided to employees from the perspective of the tax effectiveness of each benefit and in assessing the tax implications of various motivational instruments.

When rendering our services, we pay attention to finding solutions that minimise the costs for the employer and are as administratively undemanding as possible.


Assignment of employees to/from the Czech Republic

We provide full support in the areas of personal and corporate income tax, social security insurance / health insurance and immigration law with respect to employees on assignment to the Czech Republic and those going abroad. We will assist you in fulfilling all the obligations under the legislation of the Czech Republic and the country of assignment. We provide expert assistance to employees and employers in all stages of an assignment.

Key services

  • Comprehensive solutions to the assignments of employees to/from the Czech Republic from the perspective of personal and corporate income tax, social security, and health insurance
  • Preparation of internal rules for employees assigned abroad (assignment policy) setting out in detail the rights of employees depending on the assignment, personal situation of employee, etc.
  • Processing procedural maps for assignment employees and maps showing the responsibility of each person involved in this process
  • Processing and analysis of the impact of the employee assignments
  • Running payroll for expatriates in the Czech Republic and in the assignment country
  • Preparation and processing of personal income tax returns
  • Using PwC technologies chronicling the entire "life cycle" of an assignment and allowing online sharing of all information associated with the preparation of tax returns worldwide

Workforce cost management and employee remuneration

Using a thorough analysis of salary costs and employee benefits, we can develop and implement an efficient remuneration scheme.


Key services

  • Quantification of current workforce costs
  • Review of the cost of benefits currently being provided to employees, such as company cars, pension insurance, accommodation, training, the use of sporting facilities, the use of kindergarten facilities, etc.
  • Revision of the employee benefits provided, including identification of problems in tax and social security/health insurance area
  • Design and implementation of a remuneration structure which will address the tax deductibility of the costs, taxability of the income for the employee, internal procedures and administration.
  • Quantification of the savings that would result from our recommended remuneration structure
  • Implementation of the plan
  • Assisting with plan administration and the training of local plan administrators
  • Project supervision and maintenance
  • Providing tax and legal due diligence for share plans

Employee share plans

We can assist you with the review, design, implementation and ongoing maintenance of your share plans for local and foreign employees working in the Czech Republic.

Key services

  • Assistance with the review and ongoing maintenance of the share plans
  • Providing advice and testing the viability of the share plan design
  • Providing advice regarding the Czech personal and corporate income tax consequences of share-plan benefits
  • Reviewing the Czech health and social insurance treatment of share-plan benefits
  • Assisting with share-plan implementation
  • Developing materials to communicate the benefits and operations of the plan to your employees
  • Preparation of a manual for employees containing a detailed explanation of income taxation from the employee share plan together with an example of the preparation a Czech personal income tax return
  • Co-ordination of advice on the international tax aspects of the share plans

Representation of clients in tax proceedings

We offer a full scale of legal and consulting services. As a true one-stop-shop we do not only provide assistance with the legal aspects of your business but also, thanks to being a part of the global PwC consultancy network, we are enabled to utilize the skills of other PwC experts specializing in Tax Consulting, Mergers and Acquisitions and Forensic or Analytics services.

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Preparation and processing of personal income tax returns

Provision of further services in cooperation with the immigration department


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