VAT Spectrum - don't waste time preparing VAT reports

VAT Spectrum is a web-based tool for preparing VAT returns, control statements, EC Sales Lists and Intrastat reports.

VAT Spectrum is a Software as a Service - you pay only one monthly subscription fee. No costs associated with installation, maintenance or update of the tool.

The solution, which enables the preparation of all VAT and Intrastat reports, will help you detect errors in reporting and check the validity of your customers’ and suppliers’ VAT IDs.

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VAT Spectrum

Based on the data entered, VAT Spectrum calculates all your VAT reports for you, then automatically arranges transactions into individual sections of the control statement and the EC Sales List. You can then download all reports in the desired format: xml for submission to the respective tax office, and/or pdf and Excel for storage.

In addition to calculating your VAT returns, VAT Spectrum performs a series of 17 checks, such as checking whether transaction dates differ from the reporting period, determining whether the same transaction is reported in multiple tax periods (thus avoiding duplication in reporting), checking if you have already claimed a VAT deduction from a particular transaction in the past and more.

VAT Spectrum is also an analytical tool; on the dashboard it shows the development of your tax liability or excess VAT deduction throughout the year and helps to detect unusual fluctuations. You can add notes to individual tax periods to collaborate with other colleagues participating in preparing the reports.

VAT Spectrum stores all notes and time data related to the process of preparing VAT reports in case of potential inspections by the tax office or personnel changes in your company.

It also monitors the threshold for Intrastat registration and analyses the discrepancies between VAT and Intrastat reports.

Basic functions

  • Preparation of VAT reports in the required xml format, including copies in pdf or Excel, along with a function to create additional VAT returns, subsequent control statements and corrective reports
  • Checks – 17 checks including online check of validity of VAT IDs of suppliers and customers, including reliability checks of payers and published bank accounts
  • Annual values – the tool keeps track of whether you have exceeded the threshold for Intrastat registration and prepares the so-called annual return, which accumulates the sums of individual lines of VAT returns per year in order to determine the turnover for 12 calendar months
  • Intrastat – preparation of csv file for upload to the InstatOnline or InstatDesk applications and detailed cross-checking of values in VAT return and EC Sales List
  • Dashboard – keep track of how your tax liability develops throughout the year
  • Notes – communicate with your colleagues and leave audit trails for the team that prepares VAT reports


  • VAT Spectrum can be run in Czech or English
  • All reports and checks can be downloaded in both Czech and English

How does it work?

  • VAT Spectrum is a web based application, which can be accessed easily from the web browser
  • No need of any implementation in your IT environment
  • Fee for the tool is charged on a monthly subscription base, it is final and without long binding periods
  • Always up to date - the fee includes maintenance of the app and also all updates required by legislative or technical modifications
  • Initial detailed training and day-to-day queries are included in the fee

PwC VAT Spectrum environment

The home page help you out if your company manages multiple VAT registrations in the tool. This is a real advantage of VAT Spectrum – you can resolve VAT reports for several companies all in one place..

This feature is a home page with clearly arranged data for the selected tax period.

The dashboard is an easy-to-read chart that tracks the development of a tax liability or excess VAT deduction.

Logical, arithmetic and other checks ensure that there are no errors in the prepared reports that could cause problems with the tax office.

Automatically generated and customized notes ensure that you will be able to prove what checks you performed when creating VAT reports at any time. If you cooperate with other colleagues on preparing reports, there is also no need to communicate via emails and you can easily trace and find past information.


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