Comprehensive verification of business partners directly within SAP

Verify directly in SAP whether your supplier is reliable. Our solution is directly integrated into the SAP system, and verification results can be saved for possible inspections by the tax authorities.

Risks of trading with unreliable VAT payers

If you have paid a supplier who is considered to be an unreliable VAT payer by the tax authorities, you become a guarantor for the VAT which the supplier is obligated to pay. If the supplier does not pay the VAT, tax authorities will claim the money from you. Currently, the tax authorities record around 6,000 unreliable VAT payers.

You may also become a guarantor in the case of payments to suppliers’ foreign or domestic bank accounts that are not published on the website of the tax authorities. Verification of your suppliers’ VAT identification numbers can also protect you against inspections regarding control statements. Requests to correct data entered in the control statement may even be issued due to a single typo in the supplier’s VAT ID. The deadline for responding to such a request is only 5 working days, and not replying triggers strict penalties.

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Comprehensive verification of business partners directly

Basic functions

Integration of public services/lists into the SAP system

Integration of publicly available services from into the SAP platform. We provide a simple program for verifying any VAT identification number without prior entering of the entity as a business associate:

Checking individual VAT identification numbers when entering business associates

When editing the data of a business associate, we check whether the selected VAT identification number is in the list of unreliable VAT payers and we display this information the user:

Mass periodic check of VAT identification numbers at the level of master data

A separate program will check the complete list of business associates and their VAT identification numbers based on the currently published list of unreliable VAT payers:

Hromadná kontrola DIČ

Storage and use of audit reports

All VAT identification number checks are continuously stored and used in further processing. At the same time, it serves as a basis for compliance with the restrictions set by the service provider. We provide the ability to adjust the service parameters as needed using simple settings:

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