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PwC's Young People Project

Through the PwC Canada Foundation, we're empowering our people to share their skills and experiences to help young people maximize their potential.

PwC’s Young People Project has been created to help address the issue of youth unemployment in Canada.

Our goal is to use technology to provide digital literacy training, coaching and meaningful mentorship experiences to at least 10,000 young people across Canada by 2020.

The project puts young people in the driver’s seat - providing them with a voice at the table to help reimagine where we invest our financial resources, and by connecting the next generation directly with PwC’s greatest mentorship asset - our people!

How we make an impact

How we make an impact

We are passionate about volunteering our skills, knowledge and resources to skill up the next generation and transform our communities.

We will be working directly with young people through PwC’s newly established national youth council - ‘The Activators’ - to help us direct funding, volunteer resources and professional skills to community organizations that help to skill up the next generation.

Together, we will reimagine the possible by addressing the root causes of youth unemployment in Canada through technology, mentorship and collaboration.

Turning challenge into opportunity

We know that being young and unemployed is at the core of many societal issues such as: increases in the risk of poverty, low self esteem, deskilling, social exclusion and mental health issues. Data also shows that there is increased risk of loss of talent and skills to support Canada’s advancing skilled labour force - especially within the digital and information technology sectors. This is a real issue for our clients and for our firm. That is why we are focusing our efforts on finding a solution to this important societal problem.

Bridging the gap in youth employment infographic showing transition stages form middle school to high school

Our digital interventions

Our digital interventions icon for grants for youth, by youth

Grants for youth, by youth

Involve young people and community members in selecting our grant recipients and bringing those grants with community organizations to life together with PwC. We call this group ‘The Activators’.

Our digital interventions icon for skilled volunteering

Skilled volunteering

Using mobile technology, we aspire to enable our people to search, select and act on micro-volunteering opportunities (such as online mentoring, teaching, job shadowing, on demand) and continue to embed skill based experiences into our existing platforms. 

Our digital interventions icon for personal giving

Personal giving

We are providing our people with a digital personal giving profile that will track their financial commitments to the causes they care about most. This will support our existing commitments to the United Way and is in alignment with our PwC professional talent development.

Our community collaborators

Our PwC Young People Project grant recipients that will receive a combined $750,000 in unrestricted funding to help them work together differently, creating an ecosystem to help to reimagine how we can address the issue of youth unemployment in Canada.

Boys and girls clubs of Canada

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

We will support the charity’s national youth council and their youth leading reconciliation movement. Working with these young people across the country, we will learn from their insights and knowledge while helping them develop other leaders in various communities and Clubs across the country.

Boys and girls clubs of Canada for Calgary

Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary

Augmenting our support for the national organization, we will focus our work with Boys and Girls Clubs of  Calgary through their Building Youth Connections program which supports newcomer youth to become healthy, integrated and self-sufficient adults by equipping them to meet their personal, social, community, educational and employment goals.

icon for Eva's Initiative

Eva’s Initiatives

We will empower leaders to work directly with youth experiencing homelessness in the Greater Toronto Area to help them develop personalized action plans to achieve their short and long-term goals. Eva’s award winning program models, results and innovations will be shared across the country.

Icon for outward bound Canada

Outward Bound Canada

Our funding will be directed at Outward Bound Canada’s Underserved Youth Programming in BC Region, helping to connect young people from diverse cultural, social and economic backgrounds to transformational outdoor experiences that removes them from their everyday environment and thrusts them into a challenging and inspiring journey of self-discover.

School for Social Entrepreneurs logo

School for Social Entrepreneurs

We will help the School for Social Entrepreneurs Ontario (SSE-O), a project of Tides Canada Initiatives, to expand the impact of the League of Intrapreneurs in Canada to the BC Region, Edmonton and Montreal.  SSE-O will provide young people with workshops in areas like ‘unlearning’ and ‘intrapreneurship as a movement for change’, and events such as Rebels @ Work and train youth to be social change activists.

Icon for the Peer Project

Youth Assisting Youth

Our funding will focus on the One-to-One Youth Mentoring program for high risk and newcomer youth that addresses issues like youth mental health, crime, bullying, academic failure and more.  We will help match young people from the Greater Toronto Area with positive role models who are older youth peers. A by-youth, for-youth design project.

Icon for Youth Fusion

Youth Fusion

Based in Montreal, this award-winning francophone charity works with over 15,000 young people from 250 schools in rural, urban, and Indigenous communities each week.  We will support initiatives that help young people develop perseverance, employability and civic engagement through experiential learning activities.

Measuring our societal impact

red circle icon for 400 plus young people

Creating career opportunities with local not-for-profits

We have collaborated with a local not-for-profit organization in Toronto to connect young people with career opportunities. Our funding and volunteer time has helped to launch programs that are connecting over 400 young people with mentorship experiences. Our people have also acted as volunteer mentors for a fellowship program, participated in the community building think tanks, and contributed to the launch of a new Leadership Foundation that has raised several million dollars since its inception.


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Bringing together young people and business leaders to transform thinking

We are currently working with a national not-for-profit that specializes in addressing issues related to youth unemployment. Together, we are  convening young people and senior business leaders from across Canada to engage in a dialogue about the challenges and opportunities facing young people today. These conversations provide young people with an opportunity to articulate what is working for them,  highlight where the gaps are  and define the opportunities of tomorrow. PwC will be publishing a youth employment pulse check after each discussion to help other businesses keep pace.

PwC Youth Employment Index

We’ve developed a Youth Employment Index to track the year-over-year impact of our Young People Project. The index can be applied at an organizational or ecosystem level, and it may be useful for not-for-profit boards, management teams or funders looking at multi-stakeholder collaborations.

Download the PwC Youth Employment Index

Thought Leadership

We commend the Senate of Canada's Special Committee on the Charitable Sector on the release of their recent report, "Catalyst for Change: A Roadmap to a Stronger Charitable Sector". Read our point of view below. 

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