The disruptor winner: Upbrella Construction

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Our innovation is
“fast, safe, better”

Joey Larouche, CEO, Upbrella Construction


Upbrella Construction

Winner category
The disruptor



What problem is the innovation trying to solve?

“There are more high-rise being constructed every year as people migrate downtown where jobs and services are most available. Although this industry is there to continue its progression, the builders still use methods of the previous generations. There is an obvious need for improved quality, security and productivity.”

Joey Larouche, CEO, Upbrella Construction
The innovation

“With Upbrella, high-rise construction starts with the roof and doesn't need a tower crane. The roof is equipped with lifting actuators, handling equipments and a protective enclosure. The workers, the building and the neighbors are fully protected all the time allowing to finish and deliver the first floors much faster.”

Joey Larouche, CEO, Upbrella Construction

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