2018 accelerator finalist: ATB Financial

Our innovation is: 

“innovative, community-minded, transformational”

Dave Mowat, President & CEO, ATB Financial

ATB Financial

Finalist category:
The accelerator

Financial services



What problem is the innovation trying to solve?

“Without access to banking services, many vulnerable members of the community are forced to manage their money in ways most of us would deem unsafe, dealing mostly in cash that they need to carry on their person. By understanding the challenges faced by this population, we endeavoured to find a way to make banking work for them.”

— Dave Mowat, President & CEO, ATB Financial

The innovation:

“Four Directions Financial is an innovative partnership between ATB and Boyle Street Community Services, offering accessible banking to Edmonton’s most vulnerable population. The innovative use of biometric identification allows clients to access their accounts without the use of bank cards, a feature that helps keep their money secure.”

— Dave Mowat, President & CEO, ATB Financial
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