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We’re already helping many Canadian and global organizations as they embark on, or continue, their ESG journey. And we’re continuously investing to build the best and brightest workforce to make sure we’ll be at the forefront of the world of tomorrow.

Shelley Gilberg
National ESG Platform Leader

“I advise our clients on how to preserve and create value, align stakeholders and shareholders through a business ESG lens. I work with clients across all sectors, primarily at the Board and Executive team level.”


Scott Bandura
ESG Canadian Corporate Reporting Leader

“I sit on PwC's global Sustainability Reporting Oversight Group and lead our global IFRS ESG Accounting Group. I use my Canadian and Global Experience to provide practical technically sound advice on ESG reporting matters.”

Ted Bell, P. Eng.
National R&D, GHGs, and Government Funding Leader

“As a heavy industry operations professional, my work is at the confluence of innovation, climate change, and government funding. I bring scientific and technical skills to our ESG services supporting clients on R&D, GHG’s, and funding.”

Elliott Cappell
National Climate Change Leader

“Climate change impacts business decisions, from investment and operations to policy and governance. I help investors, governments and companies build resilience and capture the opportunities in Canada’s transition to a low carbon economy.”

Paul Feetham
ESG Reporting and Regulatory Standards Leader

“I help my clients navigate the evolving global and Canadian regulatory reporting landscape, to comply with mandatory requirements, while also ensuring reporting is integrated with ESG strategies and business transformation.”

Marc Fournier
ESG Assurance Leader for Quebec Region

“It's all about education! The next generation will be so educated about climate changes that their actions to reduce our impact on the climate will be natural. It is to us now, to educate ourselves and educate the world around us.”

Mike Harris
Risk Assurance Practice ESG Leader

“I am passionate about helping clients navigate complex ESG issues. As Chair of the Sustainability Assurance Committee of Canada’s AASB, I have the privilege of being at the forefront of ESG reporting standards in Canada and globally.”

Meghan Harris-Ngae
National ESG Strategy & Advisory Leader

“I am committed to supporting clients to create value through ESG governance, strategy, and transformation.”

Peter Koch
National ESG Governance and Controls Leader

“I help my clients to design and implement strong governance, processes and controls for ESG reporting, enabled by technology and embedded within operational and corporate reporting systems.”

Sarah Marsh
National ESG Reporting and Assurance Leader

“Credibility in your ESG reporting is more important than ever. Amid the ever changing reporting standards, I help my clients build and maintain trust in their ESG reporting through advising and assuring their ESG information.”

Scott Morrison
Partner, ESG Reporting & Assurance

“With my passion for sustainability and climate change, I help clients navigate the evolving sustainability reporting landscape, preserve and create enterprise value with their stakeholders, and build trust through sustainability assurance.”

Gregorio Oberti
Energy Transition Leader

“I'm passionate about helping our clients manage energy transition. I help bring our New Equation to life by focusing on energy transition, which requires trust, teaming and collaboration in order to design multivariate solutions.”

Daniel O’Brien
ESG Technology Enablement Leader

“I focus on the intersection between technology and ESG. I work with clients to increase the quality and accessibility of ESG-related data to enable sustainable transformation and produce investor grade disclosures.”

Miriam Pozza
Global and Canada Deals ESG Leader

“I include ESG factors in all investment decisions to determine risks and opportunities, assess impact on cash flows and, through value preservation and creation, improve outcomes of my clients’ acquisitions and capital investment decisions.”

Joe Rafuse
Partner, Value Creation and ESG in Deals

“I focus on the impact of ESG in M&A to help our clients consider key risks and value opportunities around the ESG agenda across the transaction life cycle and as part of the value creation plan.”

Mark Rathbone
Partner, Infrastructure Energy Transition

“In order to achieve net zero goals and ensure a greener, more sustainable economy, I help clients in addressing their energy transition challenges and building new sustainable infrastructure that creates efficiency while minimizing GHGs.”

James Temple
Chief Sustainability Officer

“My role allows me to work with a diverse and talented team of leaders to develop strategies across the firm that help build trust with our stakeholders while delivering on the firm's ESG strategy & commitments.”


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