Our ESG team

Transform your organization from strategy through execution

We’re already helping many Canadian and global organizations as they embark on, or continue, their ESG journey. And we’re continuously investing to build the best and brightest workforce to make sure we’ll be at the forefront of the world of tomorrow.

Mike Harris
Partner, Risk Assurance, ESG Practice and Net Zero Leader

“I’m passionate about ESG and enjoy helping clients navigate these complex issues of today—from strategy to execution to reporting and assurance. I lead PwC Canada's ESG practice and Net Zero Initiative.”

Shelley Gilberg
Partner, ESG Markets & Consulting Leader

“I advise large, complex clients to preserve and create value, aligning stakeholders and shareholders through a strategic ESG lens. I focus primarily on pension funds and private equity and on private/public sector collaboration.”

Elliott Cappell
Partner, National Climate Change Leader

“Climate change impacts business decisions, from investment and operations to policy and governance. I help investors, governments and companies build resilience and capture the opportunities in Canada’s transition to a low carbon economy.”


Paul Feetham
Partner, Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services

“I help my clients navigate the evolving regulatory landscape, integrating ESG strategies with reporting compliance to effectively communicate sustainable enterprise value creation to key stakeholders.”

Brooke Ko
Partner, ESG Tax and BC Region Inclusion & Diversity Leader

“I’m passionate about ESG and inclusion and diversity, especially as they intersect together and with tax strategy and policy. I lead ESG for the Canadian tax practice and enjoy sharing ideas and strategies with clients to achieve their goals.”

Angela Ma
Partner, National Procurement Leader
Sarah Marsh
Partner, National ESG Report
and Assurance Leader

“I help my clients meet their non-financial assurance needs. By understanding a client’s reporting requirements, I develop a strategy and approach to meeting those needs. I’m also a lead verifier on regulatory GHG emissions reporting.”

Janice Noronha
Partner, Sustainability and Climate Change

“I’m passionate about sustainability and climate change. I advise clients from a wide array of industries on strategy development, program implementation, regulatory guidance, benchmark analysis and performance reporting.”

Gregorio Oberti
Partner, Deals, Energy Transition & ESG Leadership Team

“I'm passionate about helping our clients manage energy transition. I help bring our New Equation to life by focusing on energy transition, which requires trust, teaming and collaboration in order to design multivariate solutions.”

Daniel O’Brien
Partner, Sustainability and Climate Change

“My team helps businesses understand and manage risk in their operations related to ESG impacts. I work with clients to provide transparent information to stakeholders and investors by providing assurance on their ESG reporting.”

Miriam Pozza
Partner, Global and Canada Deals, ESG Leader

“I include ESG factors in all investment decisions to determine risks and opportunities, assess impact on cash flows and, through value preservation and creation, improve long-term outcomes of my clients’ acquisitions and capital investments.”

Joe Rafuse
Partner, Value Creation

“I drive the Canadian focus on ESG and deals, and this helps our clients consider key risks and value creation opportunities around the ESG agenda across the transaction life cycle.”

Jill Satre
Partner, National Energy Leader, Alberta Energy & ESG Leader

“I lead a national team of subject matter experts committed to planning for, and solving, the complex challenges Canadian energy leaders face, with a key focus on risks and opportunities around both energy transition and the ESG agenda.”

Carly Stallwood
Partner, Assurance

James Temple
Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer

“My role allows me to partner with a diverse and talented team of professionals and leaders to develop strategies across the firm that help build trust with stakeholders while delivering on the firm's ESG agenda aligned to PwC Canada’s purpose.”


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