Intellectual property (IP)

End-to-end IP lifecycle management and strategy

Our intellectual property team helps clients make meaningful sense of IP capital and its drivers, and a highly specialized community of solvers work to translate intangible assets into tangible value.

We work with you to provide clarity, awareness and increased visibility of your IP assets, gaining a stronger competitive position to make critical business decisions that elevate your brand, innovations and technology in support of your business strategy and growth plans.

Our approach

End-to-end lifecycle management

Development of a management framework for your business model

Identification of assets in innovation and new processes

Establishing, creating and validating ownership and quality to monetize assets

Management of assets, including continual assessment of quality, risks and compliance

Monetization of assets, including license (royalties), M&A, collateralization, restructuring, credits and incentives

Managing enhancements as technology and innovations evolve

Development of strategies to defend IP value: commercial, tax disputes

How we can help

Our IP consulting practice is led by highly experienced Canadian professionals with significant industry and consulting experience with intellectual property management, strategy and deals in North America, Asia and Europe. Our work spans global industry, technical and legal sectors.

Our intellectual property specialists work with organizations to:

  • conduct unique and substantive due diligence pre-investment as well as factoring diligence results in valuation and deal structures.
  • collaborate post-investment with portfolio companies’ management to help identify, report, manage, enhance, monetize, securitize and acquire additional intellectual property or technology assets.
  • assess and mitigate material risks as part of the overall business strategy.


Help innovative companies from all industries, as well as investors (private equity and venture capital), to develop and implement customized IP strategies that deliver tangible and business-focused value and results.


Advise senior management of companies to proactively integrate IP assets into their business and revenue models so they are responsibly managed as an investment within their innovation strategy.


Help companies unlock value and deliver liquidity to achieve corporate and shareholder value.

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