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The future of tax reimagined

The role of technology in tax transformation

The tax function is one of the largest consumers of data in an organization—and almost every transaction has a potential tax impact. Consider how your business can best use data to help set you on the right path. When deployed and used effectively, technology can be a catalyst to help you transform and become a strategic asset to the business.

The state of tax technology

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To better navigate risk and regulatory complexity, it’s important to improve data management and take a leading role in making tax data available and understandable to all.

But the current process of managing tax data is often inefficient, and most tax functions face several challenges to reaching their ideal state. Within your organization, consider how process, people, technology and data can help you get full value from technology initiatives.

Your future-state ecosystem

Every tax function should lay out its future-state ecosystem with a plan on how to move forward. Developing a clear understanding of the components you’ll need to support this system—also known as the integrated tax technology environment—will serve you well as you choose your technology solutions.

  • Tax operations management
  • Tax data hub
  • Tax-ready data
  • Tax outputs—applications and deliverables
  • Analytics and business intelligence
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Explore the future of tax reimagined

Tax technology

We live in a world where tax is being asked to achieve more with the same or fewer resources.  Tax professionals must innovate to thrive in today's environment. Technology can enable the tax function to drive greater efficiency, improve tax processes, manage risk and gain greater insight through analytics.

Leading tax departments are leveraging reliable tools that can automate workflow, promote accuracy, reduce risk, and increase collaboration in tax and across the business.

PwC has developed solutions that help companies of all sizes meet their unique needs with tools that are fit for purpose and can allow you to transform their tax departments.

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