Real Estate Asset Lifecycle Management

In many industries, real estate assets are the second largest expense item on the balance sheet. Clearly, the management of your assets can make or break your bottom line. When accurate, actionable information is lacking, you may be missing opportunities to unlock the true value of your assets.

We bring together professionals with extensive experience in Asset Lifecycle Management, real estate, finance, accounting and tax to help you drive better value out of your resources. This includes:

  • Identifying opportunities to lower costs across the property, asset and portfolio management lifecycles.
  • Developing performance measurement and analytics related to the entire real estate asset portfolio to increase the quality and speed of reports.
  • Creating more flexible processes to help you better adapt to a changing real estate environment.

By addressing the people, process and technology solutions you need, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions, laying the foundation for future growth. Our team brings extensive Real Estate Asset Lifecycle Management (REALM) expertise to diverse sectors, helping organizations address their unique challenges.

Education institutions

Colleges, universities and school boards in Canada are continually trying to find ways to do more with less. One way leading education institutions are addressing this challenge is by better managing their assets. Learn more about how we can help you use your assets as a strategic opportunity for change and revenue generation.

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Public service and government

Many public sector and government organizations manage a diverse set of resources including fleet, buildings, infrastructure and production assets. However, homegrown systems and disparate data models can lead to challenging reporting processes and a lack of standards. Aging infrastructure, a transitioning workforce and compliance concerns add increased pressure as many organizations are forced to respond despite a lack of investment. We bring strong experience in this sector to help you unlock more value from your asset portfolio.

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Health care organizations

Health care organizations need to maintain safe and functional facilities through improved space utilization and maintenance of physical assets. REALM systems can support better management of facilities related data in order to mitigate risks and identify areas for improvement. Cost reduction opportunities can also be found through reduced energy consumption and other operational expenses. We have a wealth of experience working with health care organizations, helping them drive efficiencies from their assets.

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Corporate real estate

Organizations that manage a large portfolio of real estate have several opportunities for cost reduction including lower occupancy costs, improved workspace utilization and forecasting. Typically, large organizations are challenged by a lack of visibility related to their current state of real estate. This has led to missed opportunities for insights and actionable information to support portfolio planning. We help our clients address this challenge by bringing a holistic approach to real estate asset management.

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