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PwC Cyber powered by Microsoft security technology

Strengthen your security posture in an increasingly connected world. PwC Canada and Microsoft’s security solutions enable you to simplify cybersecurity by identifying, understanding and controlling complexities of the risk and regulatory environment—helping to avoid threats and propel your digital transformation.

Say hello to a more secure digital future

Canadian organizations continue to accelerate their digital and data transformations using cloud solutions. Cloud transformations, when done sub-optimally, can significantly expose organizations to increasing cyber threats. However, cloud also presents tremendous opportunities to rationalize, modernize and automate cybersecurity capabilities so organizations can innovate with speed and confidence.

Preparing your business to meet increasingly complex and unexpected risks can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

PwC Canada’s deep industry experience and Microsoft’s secure technology empower businesses to confidently build trust in your tomorrow. Together, we’ll help solve your most complex business challenges.


of Canadian executives report too much complexity poses concerning cyber and privacy risks.
2022 Canadian Digital Trust Insights survey

PwC and Microsoft perspectives

Quick five-minute reads to get up to speed on the latest security topics

Portfolio Rationalization

A look at reducing application bloat and trimming costs in four to six weeks.

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Security incident and event management

A look at automating cyber threat management in as little as six weeks.

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Third-party risk management

A look at shrinking blind spots hiding the risks in your business.

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How PwC and Microsoft can help you simplify cyber

Invest in a cyber-ready foundation built for tomorrow Build trust Promote resilience Revolutionize compliance Monitor and test controls Transform enterprise risk Fight financial crime

Simplify cybersecurity with PwC's cyber solutions powered by Microsoft Security

Security, simplified

Increase cyber readiness while reducing risk and complexity.

Too many security tools can bring more complexity and inhibit risk-reduction activities. We can simplify your portfolio—gathering information about your existing applications and conducting scenario analysis to identify gaps in your technology. We’ll work closely with you to rationalize your security stack and improve your security capabilities to help reduce the cost and complexity of your cybersecurity program while supporting your risk-reduction goals.

Simplify your security stack

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Traditional security incident and event management (SIEM) solutions cannot keep pace with the increasing volume and complexity of today’s cyber threats. Our Threat Detection & Response (TDR) services range from designing and building cloud-native, next-generation security operation centres (SOC) and SIEM operating models to ongoing 24/7 operations. With Rapid Replacement, we seamlessly migrate your existing SIEM and SOC to Microsoft Azure Sentinel. Rapid Release goes one step further to build a full-stack TDR platform that supports the transition to a hybrid on/off-site managed service with continuous alert monitoring and response.

Advance and simplify to amplify your cyber operations

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The convergence of information technology (IT), operational technology (OT) and the Internet of Things (IoT) creates a complex and disconnected digital ecosystem that’s difficult for providers to integrate and secure. Our Microsoft Defender for IoT services combine PwC’s OT Cybersecurity Capabilities with Microsoft’s technology to help companies get better visibility into their OT networks and data. We can help your organization quickly identify OT assets, identify threats within your environment, improve resilience and keep your operations moving forward.

Build operational resilience

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An optimized supply chain is designed to meet evolving customer demands and create more business opportunities—while streamlining costs and efficiencies. Our cloud-based solutions include continuous security and centralized management to help simplify the process of monitoring, updating and identifying threats with analytics to help discover powerful insights. We can design an intelligent and interconnected digital supply chain that’s transparent and secure across your organization—from operations to marketing to fulfillment.

Enhance network intelligence

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Prevent threat actors from inflicting harm on your organization by identifying and responding to threats before they become a reality. We work with you to proactively identify and respond to threats originating from both inside and outside your organization.

Compliance, met

Satisfy the changing demands of compliance requirements and regulations with confidence.

Valuable information needs protection in all stages of its lifecycle. We create, store, use, archive and delete information and let you know exactly where it lives. From information protection and records management to knowledge sharing and secure collaboration—we can make the most of your information in a more secure and user-friendly environment.

Govern your data

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Growing information assets require increased visibility into where your sensitive data resides. We perform a current state assessment to identify sensitive data management gaps that helps inform process enhancements such as defining the governance structure, roles and responsibilities in your organization. We can classify, protect and govern your data by formalizing the processes, controls and metrics that support your information security strategy.

Data in the cloud isn’t always secure. Get full control over your data by securing it in an isolated environment that allows users to analyze it without exposing it to malicious actors. We’ve unleashed new opportunities for collaboration that can reduce your attack surface so you can shift your focus from worrying about protecting your business to spending more time leading it.

Identity and access managed

Stay secure with additional layers of protection.

Insider risk is on the rise. And preventing it is a critical component of cybersecurity that requires attention from all stakeholders. We can build insider risk prevention, detection and response capabilities from the ground up or complement your existing environment. Accelerate your insider risk program to help reduce risk against your most sensitive assets and detect risky behaviour across your organization’s systems.

Reduce insider risk

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Security incidents have exploited software vulnerabilities and insufficient identity controls to gain access to valuable data or disrupt critical business operations. Organizations are exploring modern comprehensive Zero Trust solutions to effectively protect against today’s cyber threats. PwC’s Microsoft Zero Trust is a three-phased approach focused on building a secure foundation around users and devices, enabling conditional access and applying segmentation to protect your company’s information.

Devices, apps, online services and networks are at risk when your credentials are used or stolen. Passwordless technology uses authentication factors, biometrics and other mechanisms in lieu of passwords to help protect your personal and enterprise assets from unauthorized users. Combining device trust with risk controls help reduce threats and keep your accounts safe from malicious actors.

Manage and secure third-party risks with identity and access management

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25th Annual Global CEO Survey

CEOs rank cyber risks as the top threat to growth, with macroeconomic risks close behind.

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What PwC brings to your digital transformation

Combined with the power of Microsoft

Microsoft Security is a Leader in five Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ reports

  • Unified Endpoint Management tools, 2021
  • Endpoint Protection Platforms, 2021
  • Enterprise Information Archiving, 2020
  • Access Management, 2020
  • Cloud Access Security Brokers, 2020

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