Opportunity amidst disruption

How energy transformation is shaping Canada's utilities sector

Opportunity amidst disruption: Highlights

Our report identifies four transformational forces driving this rapid and relentless wave of change: technology, customer engagement, policy and innovation. Canadian power and utility companies will need to embrace new technologies to help drive innovation, use data to better understand their customers and work with regulators to adapt to constant policy changes. Are Canada’s utility executives up to the task? We believe they are. Watch our power and utilities experts take a deeper look at the results of our two national surveys (one of utility executives, one of energy consumers) and further explore the four key drivers of energy transformation to better understand how they each impact Canada’s energy sector.

Most stakeholders agree new technologies will drive the demand for new occupations within information and communications technology (ICT) (49%) and renewable energy (60%) jobs.

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Driving customer centricity in complex organizations

From family homes to large businesses, the utilities industry affects us all. In this episode of Shift, we learn about the digital revolution happening in the utilities sector. Host Jon Finkelstein is joined by Eileen Campbell, VP of Customer Service for Alectra Utilities. The two talk about what the current and future of utilities looks like and how they are incorporating new technologies to better personalize the utilities experience. They discuss the shift we are seeing towards consumers wanting greater control over their utilities, the shift of people going from energy consumers to energy producers, and how through greater data and analytics we are enabling the population to make better choices when it comes to energy consumption.


The impact of energy transformation

The utilities sector in Canada and around the world is experiencing a profound transformation unlike anything seen before in terms of scale, scope and speed. For Canadian utility companies, this transformation is impacting long-held business models—and compelling executives to chart a new path forward in a shifting and uncertain landscape.




What themes do we see?

Technology: Technological advances coupled with the consumerization of energy is driving rapid, significant transformation in utility companies across Canada, revolutionizing energy markets and disrupting business models in the process

Customer: Utility companies that can develop a solid understanding of their customers’ needs and preferences—and deliver an outstanding customer experience across every point of contact—stand to realize a powerful advantage in the competitive market to come

Policy: Governments and regulators play a significant role in shaping the future of the country’s energy sector. The connection between policy and energy transformation is certainly foremost on the minds of energy executives.

Innovation: To remain competitive, profitable and successful, utility companies across Canada need to embrace change, new ideas and new processes throughout their business.

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Regional viewpoints

How is energy transformation impacting the different Canadian regions?


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