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How we can help with tax services

With tax laws constantly changing, it can be challenging for busy oil and gas companies to monitor updates that may impact their businesses. Understanding these laws and determining next steps can be time consuming. Get professional advice.

At PwC, we help tailor solutions for you using local industry knowledge and global experience. We constantly monitor, assess and keep you informed of tax laws that may affect their business and provide advice and strategies on next steps. For companies operating in more than one country or region, we are able to leverage our Global Energy Network to deploy key talent to help you succeed. Our tax specialists are experienced in:

Global tax services and international tax structuring

For companies looking to expand outside of Canada, our global Energy Tax team can help you understand local tax regimes and develop tax strategies such as royalties, excise taxes and value-added taxes. We have helped clients deal with the tax consequences of oil and gas contracts being negotiated or concluded with the government or co-operators.

By constantly monitoring and anticipating changes that can affect your tax situation and financial statements, we have helped clients construct effective cross-border strategies and manage global structural tax rates.

Indirect taxes

Indirect taxes, including GST, VAT, severance, property, employment, excise, motor fuels, sales and use taxes and customs duties, are uniquely imposed by jurisdictions and can be a significant burden for energy companies. We have helped businesses assess and determine how to structure their activities to minimize taxes and comply with filing requirements. At times, we have even helped clients minimized their overall tax paid through proper planning.

Tax merger and acquisition services

Early tax planning for M&As is essential to reducing actual transaction tax costs and the long–term sustainable tax rate following the transaction. We can provide expert deal structuring and financing advice at all points throughout the deal cycle by providing quantitative analysis, rigorous implementation and structure techniques, providing due diligence, ensuring tax efficient deal structuring and ensuring post deal integration.

Transfer pricing

At PwC, our Global Energy Network consists of dedicated transfer pricing specialists with advanced training in economics, accounting, law and project management, which enables us to provide innovative approaches for your multi-national corporation. We help companies understand their transfer pricing arrangements, determine required documentation, and identify and address risks.

Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax credits

Under the Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) investment tax credit program, Canada offers some of the most lucrative tax credits in the world. For certain Canadian-controlled private corporations, the credit is refundable even if tax isn't owed.

At PwC, we can help optimize your SR&ED claim while minimizing administrative burden. Whether you want advice or a turnkey solution, we can help you to:

  • Review/revise your business processes to optimize the identification and tracking of eligible projects and costs
  • Prepare technical reports and identify eligible SR&ED costs by project
  • Assist in the claim defense during a CRA audit
  • Train your finance and engineering departments on the criteria and requirements of the SR&ED program
  • Provide advice on where to establish your R&D centres

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