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Richard Sexton, Vice Chairman Global Assurance

“Both the PCAOB and IAASB exposure drafts have some bold and challenging suggestions - such as providing insight into key or critical matters that the audit focussed on - we now need to consider how these can be practically achieved,” said Richard Sexton, PwC’s Vice Chairman Global Assurance. “We are beyond a debate about the merits of change to the shape of the auditor’s report. Energies need to shift to begin working on what will be needed to deliver the new style reports.”

Richard Sexton, Vice Chairman Global Assurance

PwC Statement on IAASB release on enhancing the future auditors report

Following the recent release of exposure drafts by both the IAASB and the PCAOB, PwC welcomed the important steps towards making the auditor’s report more informative and relevant both auditing standard setters are taking.

We have played an active role in the consultations and debates leading up to these exposure drafts and we applaud the IAASB and the PCAOB for giving priority to making changes to the auditor’s report. Our research amongst investors shows their appetite for more information from the auditor – not abandoning the traditional auditor’s opinion on the financial statements but supplementing it with insights from the audit.


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