Transaction Services

Getting ‘it’ right at the start of a deal is essential.  That is why we can help you to identify not only the right strategy – whether it be for a merger, acquisition, disposal, restructuring or green field project – we will assist to execute the deal seamlessly, identify issues and points of negotiation and value, and implement changes to deliver synergies and improvements after the deal.

Your needs

  • You are ready to examine growth opportunities in the Middle East region
  • You are planning to buy a business, and want to understand the key financial risks and their context in a Middle East business environment
  • You are selling a business or a part of a business and want to provide potential buyers with a transparent and complete understanding of it
  • You need support in negotiating a sale and purchase contract for the proposed acquisition of a business
  • You need to analyse a business plan’s feasibility, including risks, sensitivities and potential upsides
  • You want to assess the synergy potential of a transaction
  • You need to understand the underlying valuation of the business opportunity you are considering buying or selling
  • You require assistance in assessing the readiness of your business transaction
  • You are considering an IPO, private placement or debt raising for your business

How we can help: