Health Industries

PwC takes a highly holistic approach to the health industries sector in the Middle East.  We believe that health issues impact on a wide range of economic and functional aspects of any economy which go way beyond the traditional view that health means hospitals.

The key players in this view of the world are:

  • Governments which set policy, and national health planning frameworks, often fund, usually regulate and frequently provide at least some health services;
  • Payers whether they be national funds or private insurers;
  • Providers including the full range of direct providers such as hospitals, primary and community based clinicians as well as the new generation of health delivery support business in industries ranging from telcos to food manufacturers;
  • Suppliers those essential stakeholders in the health industries continuum which support health goals through the development of products ranging from pharmaceuticals to imaging equipment; and
  • Users often forgotten as the most important component part of a sustainable health system engagement with, education of and incentivisation for the users of any health system is key to the success of all the above mentioned stakeholders.

Key issues

There are many issues facing all stakeholders across the health industries spectrum which mean that an increased focus on promoting innovation in service delivery, funding and the use of technology together with better resource allocation and a continuous drive to process improvement are no longer options. They are essential for the survival of health systems in the region and the individual public and private sectors players within them

The growing burden of chronic diseases amongst ever greater sections of the population combines with major life style issues to exacerbate an already overwhelming demand for health services and attendant resource.  In the Middle East this is manifesting itself in a number of challenging ways, not least of which is the growing prevalence of lifestyle related diseases in the young, of which type 2 diabetes is but one.

These challenges are increasingly seen as beyond the control of health systems which were built to solve a different set of problems.  Harnessing the power of technology and empowering users with information to manage their own care better and make informed decisions in partnership with health care providers are all issues currently facing health care policy makers, payers and providers.  

Our clients

The PwC Middle East Health Industries team supports clients across the full spectrum of stakeholders in the region with an interest in health from governments in search of an optimum national health insurance strategy to providers looking to start a new or expand and improve existing operations. Current clients in the region include a national government’s primary care development unit, a national insurance strategy team, a country wide programme monitoring team for over 100 live projects, a major medical city development, a major PPP hospital project sponsor, a private equity house, a private sector family business investor interested in developing an innovative regional health services delivery platform and a regional academic medical centre looking to develop its international business model.

How we can help you

As the result of our diverse, dedicated and regionally based health industries team we are able to support our clients through all or as much as required of the business cycle.  This support revolves around three key areas: strategy, implementation and performance improvement with a strong focus on promoting and embedding innovation, attracting securing and developing talent underpinned by the best available technology appropriate to the situation.  We remain wedded to global best practice in everything we do whilst remaining attuned to the political, social and operational uniqueness of the Middle East region and of each of its constituent countries.

  • Strategy
    We pride ourselves on our ability to develop strategy at the highest levels of government and corporate decision making.  We work with clients to create new ideas in a partnership model that ensures the client owns their strategy whilst having access to the support of global industry best practice.  We are fortunate to have several senior level strategists leading our Middle East Health Industries practice with experience of advising national governments and CEOs on major international, national and enterprise level issues.
  • Implementation
    Our client service philosophy is firmly rooted in the view that good strategy without strong implementation has no value.  We therefore focus our efforts on the deliverability of recommended solutions.  Where we have been involved in the development of strategies this is key to our approach from day 1.  Where strategies already exist we work closely with clients to ensure that desired goals have been stress tested to ensure optimum and sustainable deliverability.  We then stay with our clients for as long as it takes to ensure implementation happens as required. We are also conscious however that our clients need to own and be able to deliver their own long term objectives so we work with them to ensure that appropriate knowledge and skills are transferred where possible.
  • Performance Improvement
    No one is perfect. Whether clients are looking to go from good to great or are experiencing a period of particular challenge in their organisations, the PwC team is here to help.  Be it clinical quality issues at a national level or sub optimal financial or operational performance in a particular enterprise (in whichever sector) the PwC team supports clients to improve and where necessary realign performance objectives and outcomes to ensure sustainable ongoing service delivery.

Our team

Our Middle East Health Industries team comprises strategists, clinicians, pharmacists, operational experts, financiers and life sciences experts with diverse backgrounds in industry, public policy, health economics, health, wellness and life sciences research, population planning, commercial, financial structuring and multi sector consulting from over 15 countries.  Senior practice leadership resident in the region includes the former head of the national Strategy Unit at the UK’s Department of Health, the practice leader for our global Health Research Institute in EMEA, an internationally recognized health facilities planner and senior clinicians with practice backgrounds in the region and Europe.

We are supported by PwC’s global network of over 2000 dedicated health industries professionals.