Our clients tell us that one of the main reasons they do business with PwC is because of our industry knowledge and expertise. Our industry trained professionals around the world deliver ideas and solutions embedded with a deep understanding of each client’s business and industry.

The Global Industry Programme is the PwC channel for that industry acumen. The programme provides each professional with an exceptional range of marketing resources, intellectual capital, industry specific training and, most importantly, an accessible network of global industry professionals. By bringing these elements together, the industry programme is the growth driver of our firm. The programme supports the three firm-wide strategic priorities: quality, sustainable growth, and people.


The Global Industry Programme works to ensure that all our client service practitioners have the technical authority they need to establish themselves in the client's eyes as the best in their field. PwC’s intelligent, insightful and innovative industry professionals deliver the highest quality of service with the deepest understanding of industry nuances.

Sustainable growth

The Global Industry Programme is the place where the firm identifies the business challenges for today and tomorrow. Working with the territories, we align industry-specific solutions and thought leadership to address those needs across the service lines of Assurance, Advisory and Tax services. This triangle of Industries, Territories and Service Lines is the very essence of Connected Thinking in our firm.


The Global Industry Programme builds global industry networks. The local people within these global networks share ideas, intelligence, and strategies. The knowledge management and training programmes cultivate industry know how from around the world. Our knowledgeable and resourced industry professionals.