Accounting advice and guidance for IPSAS technical and financial implementation

IPSAS creates a set of internationally recognised standards that clearly delineate recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure requirements for public sector organisations. It's a move toward accrual accounting, based on the occurrence of economic events, and not merely on cash receipts and payments.

For many organisations, applying the new IPSAS rules presents a real challenge.

Your challenges

You might be facing:

  • uncertainty about how far your current accounting standards differ from IPSAS
  • insufficient internal expertise in specific areas that are key to applying IPSAS
  • a need for quick, reliable access to a team of experts for ad hoc requests or regular discussions

How PwC can help you

We can provide a range of technical support, including services such as:

  • gap analysis between current accounting standards and IPSAS
  • technical analysis of critical areas that affect your
  • financial statements (e.g. financial instruments, property, plant and equipment, employee benefits, etc.)

Advice is delivered how you want it - as a one-time engagement or as an ongoing relationship that sees you through your IPSAS implementation or post-implementation process.



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