Asset & Wealth Management Insights

Welcome to this edition of Asset & Wealth Management Insights, which focuses on strategy at a time of far-reaching and fundamental change in the sector.

It’s no exaggeration to say that a number of major trends are relentlessly reshaping asset and wealth management. Every area of firms’ activities is arguably affected – from product design, to portfolio management, marketing and operations. So significant is the magnitude of change that firms have no choice but to review and re-engineer their strategies.

In this September 2016 edition of Asset & Wealth Management Insights, we showcase PwC research into some of the more critical strategic challenges facing asset managers. ETFs are now an important part of most traditional asset managers' product line up, we identify the themes that will mark their continued growth. Turning to wealth management, we explain why firms can’t afford to miss the digital wave. We also report how asset management is embracing social media. In Asia’s fast-growing market, we show how Hong Kong is positioning itself as the centre for accessing China. And, we also highlight the communication gap between company CEOs and the investors in their firms.

Finally, our research shows how this period of change is driving high levels of M&A. Firms are looking to gain expertise and reposition themselves, especially in high-growth areas such as ETFs and robo-advice.

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Articles in the edition: