Out-of-home advertising

Increasing integration between out-of-home advertising and Internet advertising will ultimately open up e-commerce opportunities – but this will take time

Increasingly networked and automated OOH infrastructure will facilitate programmatic advertising, and provide the ability to personalise ads and automate and dynamically manage inventory. At the same time, integrating technologies such as mobile wallets and near-field communication will enable digital OOH to expand into e-commerce, allowing consumers to buy directly “from” advertisements. However, the relatively subdued global economy means investment in new technologies will not happen rapidly, and new consumer behaviours – notably buying directly from OOH ads – will also take time to ramp up.

OOH growth will be powered by digital – but physical OOH will hold firm

Out-of-home providers are increasingly investing in digital infrastructure – a trend that has helped sustain steady growth in global OOH revenue, which is set to continue at a CAGR of 4.3% to reach US$42.74bn in 2020. While increasing revenue from Internet-connected digital OOH will be the main engine of growth, traditional formats are holding their ground – unlike in many other segments – with physical OOH revenue set to remain steady

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