Corporate reporting: Is it what investment professionals expect?

PwC survey of the views of investors and analysts from the UK, US, Canada, Germany, France and Australia, conducted in 2007.

Corporate reporting: Is it what investment professionals expect? looks at the information that companies provide, and whether investors and analysts have the information that they need to assess corporate performance. The findings show a significant expectation gap between the importance investors attach to key information and the adequacy of the information they receive.

Top level observations include:

  • GAAP remains the bedrock for financial analysis. Participants expressed an overriding need to be able to understand the underlying operating performance of companies.
  • A number of the areas in which investors and analysts commonly want better information, such as revenue recognition and segment reporting, can be remedied through better disclosure with little or no change to the existing accounting framework.
  • Investment professionals do not feel fully engaged in the standard-setting process, but many express a willingness
    to get more actively involved.

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