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IFRS Manual of accounting
Our comprehensive global guide to IFRS - 2014 edition available
IFRS news
Highlights latest developments at the IASB
Accounting and auditing research at your fingertips
IFRS blog
Issues relating to IFRS implementation
Interim financial reporting 2014
Guidance on preparing interim financial reports under IAS 34

IFRS Manual of accounting

Insights based on PwC's IFRS experience around the world, with best practice examples and illustrative financial statements.

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IFRS news

Monthly newsletter focusing on the business implications of the IASB’s proposals and new standards.

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Our global accounting and auditing research tool includes:
 IFRS topic summaries
 PwC Manuals of accounting
 Real-life examples from accounts

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IFRS blog: Join the discussion

Mary Dolson, our IFRS accounting technical partner, discusses hot IFRS topics.

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Interim financial reporting guidance 2014

Includes requirements of IAS 34, an illustrative set of condensed interim financial statements including PwC commentary and a checklist of the minimum disclosures required.

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Publications library

What are the requirements of IFRS? How does IFRS compare to other accounting frameworks? What do IFRS financial statements look like? See our publications for answers to these and other IFRS implementation questions.

Explore our perspective:

Webcast on IFRS 15, 'Revenue from contracts with customers'

The IASB and FASB have issued a converged standard on revenue and in this webcast, Tony de Bell gives an overview and outlines the main changes of the standard.

Additional IFRS resources

PwC has a number of useful reference tools to help you understand the standards and manage their implementation.

  • Topic home pages - PwC guidance on the main IFRS accounting topics and links to related materials.
  • Diary - Timeline of when IASB pronouncements have been and are due to be published.
  • Which standards apply for my year end? New standards, amendments and IFRICs issued in the last 12 months and when they take effect.
  • IFRS quarterly update - Summary of the reporting requirements for a specific
    quarter end.


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Essential guide to international accounting – IFRS summaries

Key information on the major accounting topic areas - order your copy now.

World Watch

IFRS news and views.