Comperio is now Inform

Our Comperio accounting and auditing research library is merged with another PwC-developed accounting and auditing research library named Inform to form a single global platform. The combined tool is named ‘Inform’ and can be found at Inform is just as intuitive as Comperio, and includes features to make it faster and easier than ever to get the content you need. These features include:

  • mobile-friendly access for smartphone or tablet
  • bookshelf of key documents
  • improved search and print functionality
  • create your own virtual documents and PDFs
  • more international and territory insight

Inform: Accounting & auditing research at your fingertips

Comperio: Your path to knowledge

Inform is our global online site that brings accounting and auditing research to your fingertips.

Whether your company reports under IFRS, US GAAP, or both, Inform's functionality allows you to navigate both sets of financial reporting requirements using one accounting research tool. Inform gives you access to the same PwC interpretive guidance used by our own professional audit staff.

If you can see this page, you can use Inform—there’s no software to install: just go to the Inform website and start researching! Available content includes the standard setters’ authoritative and proposed guidance alongside our own technical guidance, tools and practice aids, publications and more, for key countries from around the world (ie, US, UK, Canada, etc.).

Use the menu on the left to learn more about Inform.


Inform Support

US Support: or 1 (877) 490-1234 (in the US) / +1 (813) 351-6871 (outside the US)

UK Support: or +44 (0) 20 7213 4030

Disclosure Checklists Support and Information:

Automated Disclosure Checklist (ADC)
US Support:
1 (800) 223 0535 (in the US) / +1 (813) 351 6469 (outside the US)

UK Disclosure Checklists
UK Support:
+44 (0) 20 7213 4030