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Helping to build and empower community leadership

Our Foundation offers a variety of programs to help people get involved in their communities and build upon the impact they have by working together. Starting with the list of programs below, visit the different areas of our site to learn more.

At the PwC Canada Foundation, we're dedicated to providing the community and our people with the tools they need to strengthen their leadership skills. Whether it's learning about how to be a more effective volunteer, or providing financial support for leadership development at Canadian charities, we help people become more strategic in the ways they make a difference in the community. In the not for profit sector, we call this idea capacity building, and it's the core of our work and how we helping to build and empower community leadership.

Employee Community Involvement

Our programs assist local charities with their everyday needs and help our staff share their skills.

Local not-for-profit organizations that get assistance with their day-to-day requirements through our Team Volunteering and Not-for-Profit Apprenticeship programs have more time and resources to focus on their medium- to long-term strategy. These programs:

  •    Provide a small operating grant to cover the costs associated with our staff participation
  •    Assist our younger and or junior staff with taking on leadership roles
  •    Motivate our employees to continue their involvement on an ongoing basis.

Team Volunteering Program: Raising awareness about local issues with staff involvement

Each year, every employee at PwC gets a day out of the office to volunteer as part of our Team Volunteering program activity.  Every staff member can participate in one of over 300 volunteer events in neighbourhoods across Canada. The initiative encourages teams of six to 10 staff members to participate in day-long projects with charities across Canada that have limited resources and capacity.

Since this program’s start in 2004, PwC’s partners and staff have participated in over 1,300 volunteer days across the country contributing more than 70,000 volunteer hours to communities. Developed hand-in-hand with our Volunteer Continuum, a tool that guides the Foundation’s strategy and initiatives, this program ranges from planting trees or cleaning a home to using our employees’ skills and experiences to improve someone else’s life such as working with an employment agency to assist with resume and interview skills development. 

Not-for-Profit Apprentice Program: Assisting charities with potential challenges by matching them with our employees

This skill-based team volunteer experience matches our employees with a charity that needs assistance with brainstorming or an organizational challenge. The aim is to provide the charity and the employee with an opportunity to think creatively about an issue and work together to map out potential ideas for a solution versus developing a strategy that solves the problem in its entirety.

The experience centres on using soft skills in relationship management, communication and team-building and helps connect the charity with skilled and passionate volunteers: staff people who believe in the not-for-profit’s cause and thereby have a higher probability of volunteering their own time on an ongoing basis, to help to build upon the combined impact of their work.


Volunteer Grants

Our Volunteer Grants Program acknowledges staff who volunteer more than 50 hours of their personal time during a given year with a $300 donation to the charity where they volunteer. 

Board Education and Engagement

Board Education and Engagement. 

PwC provides its employees with training related to not-for-profit board governance responsibilities and specialized information about the role of the board treasurer, a role that PwC’s accountants are asked to take on when they volunteer their time. PwC helps connect employees with volunteer opportunities to serve on not for profit boards. 

Our Publications and Resources

Our Publications and Resources. Explore online tools and interactive educational workshops designed to augment people's knowledge about issues facing the not for profit sector.

Investing for effective impact: Changing donor perceptions about not-for-profit efficiency in Canada

The media and the public are asking not-for-profits for additional accountability by posing difficult questions about how funds are allocated within organizations to achieve an intended impact.

Capacity Building: Investing in not-for-profit effectiveness

To brainstorm how to improve the capacity issues not for profits face, PwC facilitated a series of roundtables with members of the non-profit and private sector. Read this report for the outcome and share your feedback.



The PricewaterhouseCoopers Canada Foundation Volunteer Continuum

The continuum can be re-purposed by any individual or organization to assist with examining the relationship between personal and business development, and community program design and impact. Learn more in this document.

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