Intelligent Process Automation

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What is BPM

  • BPM is a discipline to optimize processes, manage & monitor process performance using specially designed IT applications
  • BPM enables rapid automation of a large variety of different processes
  • A number of vendors offer BPM software (BPMS) to automate processes and build workflows
  • BPMS provides an environment where business users can change processes in the system based on ‘pre-built’ components without the need for ‘hard coding’
  • BPMS vendors differ significantly. Therefore BPMS implementation requires a solid pre-assessment of what the system is supposed to do before choosing the vendor.

What is intelligent Digital Process Automation?

iDPA drives enterprise flexibility and process automation by optimizing connectivity and business processes across the enterprise, to deliver immediate and ongoing business benefits.

Key functional capabilities:

  • Intelligent process automation (including
  • BPM, RPA and AI)
  • Workflow management
  • Case management
  • Data integration and content management
  • Business rules and decision engine
  • Real time reporting and analytics


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