Accredited Centres of The Academy for Computer Based Exams (CBE) are in Bratislava and Košice.

The following exams can be taken via a computer:


FA1 Recording Financial Transaction  
MA1 Management Information  
FA2 Maintaining Financial Records  
MA2 Managing Costs and Finances  
FAB (F1) Accountant in Business  
FMA (F2) Management Accounting  
FFA (F3) Financial Accounting  
F4 Corporate and Business Law  

Computer based exams can be sat at any time during the year, providing students with better flexibility, particularly during the initial period of a course. Results are available immediately after the test is finished. In case of failure, the exam can be repeated an unlimited number of times. 

For more information about CBE, or if you wish to apply for a CBE, please contact the Academy.

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