ACCA - Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

ACCA is one of the largest and fastest-growing international accountancy bodies. Being around for over 100 years means that ACCA has built a reputation for quality and excellence.
With the strengthening of the code of conduct, regulation and legislation within the finance profession, there is a growing demand for finance people with high standards of expertise and ethics. Therefore, both potential employers and clients are paying increasing attention to these professional qualifications.

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The Academy’s ACCA offerings

Benefits of your ACCA studies

  • Know-how which demonstrates that you have reached an industry standard in terms of competence.
  • Networking with other students and members.
  • Continuous development.
  • Unified syllabus updated in close cooperation with employers.
  • Wider competencies in taxation, consulting, strategic planning, general management.
  • Competitiveness in the labour market.

PwC has always recognised learning and development as a key tool to ensure growth. Our Academy team has long-standing experience of delivering intensive and sophisticated training programmes for our own professionals. We are delighted to be able to share our expertise and experience with our clients and develop talent potential in the Slovak market. Our students, your organisation and your employees can benefit from our strengths:

Benefits for employers

  • Reputation as a good employer
    Investment in quality education is one of the decisive factors when choosing an employer - you become more in demand as an employer and increase the loyalty of your employees.
  • Acquisition, development and retention of talent
    Attracting and retaining quality graduates and skilled professionals is one of the main goals of employers. Internationally recognised qualifications and certification will help your organisation reach other circles in the labour market, and at the same time will give you the opportunity to identify key talent within your company.
  • Know-how of top experts
    All our tutors are experts in their field and have extensive teaching experience. They have skills, knowledge, and, in particular, practical experience. Whether it‘s PwC professionals, or lecturers from international professional organisations sharing their experience, all of them have years of know-how in preparing students for certification and qualification.

Benefits for students

  • High level of quality
    Our philosophy is to raise adept future leaders. We develop the best in people through an interactive and stimulating approach. We organise seminars at the highest level, and professional training programmes, which include practical case studies.
  • Tutors
    All our tutors are professionals with expertise in the given field and they provide their own added value to the teaching process and have extensive practical and tutoring experience. During courses, they share their experience and introduce to you possible implications for your company. Internal trainers from PwC have access to the latest methodologies and trends through our worldwide network. External partners are specifically selected based on their competence and are always top experts in the given field.
  • Individual approach
    Our tutors and The Academy team are always at your disposal, to attend to your needs and to manage your academic activities throughout the study period.
  • Benefits of membership to professional organisations
    After passing the respective exams required to obtain an internationally recognised certification or qualification, you will become a member of a professional organisation, which will allow you access to their knowledge and information.
  • Easily accessible courses venues
    Our training venues are located in the centre of Bratislava and Košice. In both sites you will find a pleasant environment and fully equipped classrooms, including Internet connection.
  • Authorised centre for electronic exams
    The Academy, in Bratislava and Kosice, is an authorised centre for the ACCA and CIMA electronic exams.
  • CPD points for ACCA members
    The Academy is accredited by the ACCA as a provider of continuing professional development. This means that our students, who are members of the ACCA, can gain CPD points for attending training sessions and seminars at our Academy.

The Academy is a holder of high level accreditation from ACCA

Our Academy was awarded a Platinum Approved Learning Partner (ALP) for the ACCA Professional Scheme. Approval is given to tuition providers who demonstrate that they meet the challenging performance targets set by ACCA. Platinum approvals are granted only to high-quality tuition providers that ACCA is confident to recommend to students.

The accreditation of Platinum Approved Learning Partner confirms that the Academy is well managed and organized, has excellent feedback on the high quality of the tutors and the additional course material prepared for each examination paper.

To obtain an ACCA qualification and become ACCA member - you need to:

  • pass 13 exams (nine compulsory and four optional). If you have completed certain courses during your university studies, you can apply for exemption for up to nine exams)
  • prove relevant professional experience,
  • and complete a professional ethics module.

Written examinations take place in June, March, September and December. Examinations BT Business and Technology, MA Management Accounting, FA Financial Accounting and LW Corporate and Business Law can be taken at any time during the year in the form of computer-based exams (CBE), which can be sit in our accredited CBE centers in Bratislava and Košice.

As part of the ACCA qualification, it is mandatory to complete the Professional Ethics Module. It is an online training program during which students respond to various ethically challenging situations. We recommend to take the ethics module before passing the SBL Strategic Business Leader exam.

A key part of the ACCA qualification is to gain the relevant professional experience. The ACCA qualification will provide you with excellent prerequisites for a demanding and interesting career in finance or accounting, but this theoretical knowledge must be supplemented by practical experience - which actually applies to any type of professional study.

We offer ACCA students several forms of study. Choose from the following three study options the one that best suits your personal needs.

1. ACCA Success - complete course

ACCA Success is a proven combination of home study and an intensive block course developed by the PwC's Academy.

The study program is designed so that our students have the best possible chance of passing all their exams on the first attempt. Our results prove that it works.

Planning study time is important, so we will prepare a study plan for you and provide support during your studies outside the course itself. In addition to the electronic version of study text and exam kit, we will also provide you with course notes developed by our lecturers. You can buy a hard copy of the training materials for the special price 25 EUR + VAT. 

Although we place emphasis on continuing education, we understand that you will make the most effort to study, especially in the last weeks before the exam. This is exactly the time when our block courses will take place, so that you have all the tips and tricks from the lecturer fresh in your mind at the time of passing the exam.

After the courses, our instructors will make sure that you repeat the curriculum effectively. How? At the end of the course, you will take a practice exam and the instructors will provide you with detailed feedback on which areas of the curriculum you should focus on. You will also receive useful tips and advice on how to pass the exam.

2. WebEx Live Online - e-learning with a virtual course

  • Complete set of electronic version of the study materials (study text, exam kit, course notes)
  • 2-day virtual course (WebEx) focused on practicing questions and exam techniques
  • Possibility to ask questions during the course
  • Courses led by the best lecturers of the Academy
  • A time-saving and cost-saving solution, especially suitable for those who resit the exam

3. Home Study Premium Option - self-study with support

  • Study materials with access to online study resources (videos, training, interim exams)
  • Opportunity to study at your own pace

The Academy is an approved supplier of materials to the London School of Business & Finance (LSBF). We offer you the following study materials:

Access to the LSBF platform (includes full access to online training and tests)

LSBF exam set (textbook and exam kit)

Accredited centers for ACCA computer based exams (CBE) are located in Bratislava and Košice.

The following exams are computer based:

  • BT Business and Technology
  • MA Management Accounting
  • FA Financial Accounting
  • LW Corporate and Business Law

Computer based exams are taken at any time during the year, which gives students more flexibility, especially at the beginning of their studies. The results are known immediately after the test.

In case of unsuccessful attempt the exam can be resit.

For more information on computer-based exams or if you would like to register, please contact the Academy.

The Academy's experienced team is always available to support students, ready to address any requirements and answer questions about the study. This support is free for Academy students and includes in particular the following activities:

  • Registration with ACCA as student
  • Registration for exams directly at the ACCA 
  • Handling all matters regarding exam exemptions 
  • Administration of studies via Academy's Moodle platform
  • Information on results of Mock/Official exam
  • Computer-based Exams (CBE) - administration and feedback
  • Overview of study results for your employer/team leader
  • Preparation of study plan and schedule

The Academy is an approved supplier of materials from the London School of Business & Finance (LSBF). We offer you the following study materials:

  • LSBF exam set (textbook and collection of examples)
  • Course notes (created by the Academy tutors)
  • Access to the LSBF platform (includes full access to online training and tests)

The price of the whole package of necessary study materials for one ACCA test is 120 € without VAT. If you want to order materials for self-study, contact us.

What do our alumni say?

"Our cooperation with PwC Academy in Slovakia started in 2013, when we opened a small FIA group. Based on a very good learning experience, employees’ feedback and results, the group grew nearly 10-fold over time. The Academy helped us build an educational system for the continuous development of our professionals. Now after 3 years, more than 250 students study with us for internationally recognised qualifications including FIA, ACCA, and DipIFR every year. Study programmes are a significant part of our talent development programme. Our pass rates are excellent - over 85%. We highly appreciate the consultative approach and the administrative support of PwC Academy."

Mikuláš Chovanec, CEE & MEA Statutory Accounting Manager

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