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Returning to the workplace with resilience

As the curve continues to flatten, businesses and society must consider what returning to normal may look like. Although organizations have settled into new ways of working, the implications of COVID-19 for businesses, especially as they relate to the workforce, will remain long lasting. 

The question of when and how to gradually bring employees back to the workplace represents one of the most critical challenges organizations will need to solve. 

Leaders will need to consider a workforce strategy that meets the evolving needs of their business and provides the required support for their people. They must learn from the first stage of their crisis response to build resilience and future-proof their organization from further disruption. 

Returning to the workplace isn’t just bringing employees back into the physical space, but it’s also about finding opportunities to adjust business models and workforce structure to thrive in the new era of business.

The benefits of a robust return-to-workplace strategy

Enhanced organizational resilience and compliance
Competitive advantage and new opportunities to help you thrive
Improved workforce productivity

Defining your return-to-workplace plan 

There are four key elements of a return-to-workplace plan.

Health and safety, privacy and social responsibility
Protect your employees, including their privacy, and reinforce your commitment to social responsibility.

Work organization and technology
Ensure your return-to-workplace plan reflects your organization’s realities and capture opportunities to revisit your operating model and organizational structure.

Financial performance
Prepare for fluctuating demand after the initial crisis period and explore opportunities for new revenue streams and cost efficiencies.

Worker needs, preferences and skills 
Put employees at the heart of the return-to-workplace planning process and consider the different scenarios. Revisit the way you manage skills in the short and the long term.

How we can help 

In unprecedented times it can be challenging knowing if you’re headed in the right direction or even where to start. Regardless of where you’re at in your return-to-workplace plan, we can help you get the most of it, setting your organization and people up for success and building resilience for years to come.

Where are you in your return-to-workplace planning process?

Challenge an existing return-to-workplace plan

Our mutli-disciplanary team will carefully assess your existing return-to-workplace plan, identifying opportunities for cost savings, improved worker productivity, enhanced health, safety, and privacy protocols, and a reimagined employee experience. 

We’ll draw from best-in-class examples using our global centre of excellence and ensure your plan accurately reflects the results you want to achieve.

Build a return-to-workplace plan

Our three-step process will help you develop a return-to -workplace plan quickly that’s customized to the things that matter most to your business. Our expert team will help you explore opportunities to emerge stronger from the crisis, with a focus on digital tools and practices that will upskill your people and better prepare your organization for the workforce of the future.

Getting the most of your return-to-workplace plan with technology

The pandemic has opened our eyes into how quickly the world can change and has emphasized the importance of being able to move with speed and agility. Real-time insights can quickly identify opportunities and help you lead your business with confidence.

Our technologies will empower your return-to-workplace plan in four key areas

1. Cost savings

Payroll leakages 

Machine learning and analytics are utilized in our unique solution that combines payroll and employee data to find payroll leakages. Companies can realize up to an estimated 2.5% in total payroll savings.

Access government programs

Quickly access government programs available to you and ease the program administration process through automation. 

Drive efficiencies 

Use robotic processing automation for functions such as onboarding, time and attendance, benefits administration, payroll and compliance reporting for cost-saving efficiencies.

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2. Keeping connected with your workforce

Staying connected to your workforce and addressing their concerns is crucial in maintaining a positive work environment and keeping employees engaged and motivated. Assess employee sentiment and respond accordingly with the help of our pulse survey technology.

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3. Productivity

Use technology-driven insights to discover capacity mis-matches and re-allocate resources where they’re needed most.

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4. Contact tracing

Mitigate return-to-workplace risk and instill confidence in your workforce through contact tracing technology. Our solutions will:

  • Quickly identify employees who may have come into contact with an impacted person in your workspace, allowing leadership to take immediate actions to limit the risk of further exposure
  • Pinpoint exposures so you can target your response and avoid operational shut down 
  • Allow employees to self assess their risk based on individual circumstance 

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Life after lockdown

Webinar replay

Held on May 1, 2020, a panel of PwC specialists discuss return-to-work strategies and managing your workforce in the new normal.

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Lead in a virtual world 

We’re on the edge of a new world of work—one brimming with possibilities to reimagine the way we use technology to collaborate, innovate and deliver differently. But our ability to do so is only as good as the leaders who recognize the opportunities in virtual work environments and can lead their workforce effectively.

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