Connected Tax Compliance

Connected teams. Connected data. Connected insights.

Accelerate outcomes with Connected Tax Compliance

The tax reporting landscape is changing faster than ever before. Staying compliant can feel like a major challenge. It’s time for something different. That’s why we’ve reimagined what compliance looks like by fully integrating and automating the process across taxes and territories—reducing disruptions and giving you time back.

From analyzing and reporting, to the way we build our team around yours, we meet you where you are to develop tailored solutions and take you where you want to be.

We’re committed to delivering a simpler, faster and smarter experience. Working with PwC Canada means working with a passionate team of solvers powered by smarter tech. This results in an entirely different compliance experience—one with the power to simplify tax and accelerate your business.

From complexity to opportunity

  • More tax return complexity? Less available talent?
  • More insights from your data? Less available capital? 
  • More regulatory changes? Less time to manage and find value?

In a world where tax is more important than ever, your regulatory requirements shouldn’t be a burden.

Meet you where you are

We know you may be evaluating how to maximize the value of your tax function resources, processes and outcomes. Our connected team of solvers uses data and powerful technology to act as an extension of your team.

Plugged into your way of working, you’ll benefit from our:

  • seamlessly coordinated PwC compliance team, led by a dedicated business relationship manager connected to our global network.
  • tax specialists with experience in every type of tax including corporate income tax, transfer pricing, indirect sales tax, Pillar Two and more.
  • international tax policy professionals with their finger on the pulse of emerging tax topics, helping you pinpoint the possible tax impacts of changing regulations and industry shifts.
  • tech specialists focused on aligning your technology to the scope and complexity of your business.
  • alliance relationships that unlock even more value from your tax data and accelerate tech improvements.
  • acceleration centres that provide resources specializing in standardized processes to supplement your team in new, more efficient ways.

An intuitive, data-driven experience

Complying with the growing volume and complexity of regulatory requirements is harder than ever. Our human-led, tech-powered approach helps you navigate change, simplify complexity and save time along the way. Better data extraction and fewer requests make it easier to comply and frees up your time to focus on what matters.

Intuitive data visualizations and higher-quality data help to deliver greater clarity and give you more confidence. This adds up to a more connected, seamless and trusted reporting experience.

Connection that creates value beyond the return

Turn tax into a strategic driver by connecting data, people and outcomes. We combine deep expertise with industry-leading technology, such as Sightline, to take a tax-first, holistic perspective. Working across taxes and jurisdictions to uncover deeper insights, discover unseen opportunities and create value beyond the return.

As part of the enhanced compliance experience, we’ll help you identify:

  • Greater cash tax savings that transform tax into a value driver
  • Tax-efficient strategies that align with business objectives
  • Tax risks to consider that help you evaluate your tax controversy strategy
  • Tax readiness for potential deals
  • Possible tax impacts of changing regulations and industry shifts

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