Indirect Tax Recovery Review

Improving your tax refund process and managing compliance costs and requirements

Recovering unclaimed sales taxes and complying with tax reporting requirements are necessary processes but they shouldn’t interfere with running your business. They should be part of a routine that speeds up your tax refund’s arrival and effectively manages your compliance costs and reporting requirements. PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Indirect Tax Recovery Review team can help you with both.

Where many sales tax recovery reviews identify transactions where taxes were paid inaccurately, we take the process a few steps further than our competition by:

  • Completing a compliance review in addition to and independent from, our recovery review procedures
  • Expanding our services to include a review of your custom duties, payroll taxes, and accounts payable for duplicate payments

We can also use the data we collect for a direct tax review – offering a productive, integrated service approach that helps you to devote more time to your job.

How our Indirect Tax Recovery Review team can assist your company

Based on your sector and issue, we create a project team led by a senior tax professional from our Sales Tax, VAT and Trade Services practice who knows your industry. After pulling together an industry-tailored service group from our national team of dedicated recovery review professionals, we start our four-phase recovery review process:

  • Data collection
  • Analysis
  • Support
  • Recovery

During data collection, our IT senior manager manages all data extractions and provides specific step-by-step instructions specific to your financial system and database.

The analysis and support phases involve the quantification and verification of potential opportunities we identified with help from the data collection phase and our understanding of your organisation and industry.

Recovery completes the process with a final report and training session on issues specific to the Goods and Sales Tax, Provincial Sales Tax and Harmonized Sales Tax, and the implications of federal and provincial budget developments. We also handle all post-filing queries from tax authorities or suppliers, should any arise.

We believe companies should receive tax advice from professionals who understand their business and are accountable for any advice given — no matter how minor the issue may first appear. Contact a member of the Sales Tax, VAT and Trade Recovery Review team to learn more.

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