In our current economic recession, tax departments must stay informed of Canada Revenue Agency changes and leverage recovery opportunities whenever they arise. PwC's Tax Planning Opportunity Alerts can help fill the information gap to keep you up to date on tax changes and to capitalize on your recovery.

Tax Planning Opportunity Alerts

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PwC's Tax Planning Opportunity Alerts can help you identify and capitalize on value added tax planning opportunities that will keep you up to date and on top of tax and regulatory changes.

Direct Tax Recovery Review: Helping you Recover Overpaid Corporate Taxes
PwC’s Direct Tax Recovery Review (DTR) can help you close the information gap that sometimes exists between accounting, IT and tax.

People First: PwC's Saratoga HR Benchmarking Services
We assist some of Canada’s top organizations in uncovering the business drivers behind employee engagement and retention.

Winning in the Market: Complex Tax Compliance and Provision Services for Property or Project-based Businesses
Core tax planning can be beneficial for property or project-based business. Learn about how PwC’s professionals can assist with your outsourcing assignments.

Managing in a Downturn: Advising You through the Public Scrutiny Associated with Executive Compensation
Evaluating your executive compensation policies can be an effective first response to increased demands for corporate accountability. Get more guidance on how to take action from this PwC alert.

Tax Function Effectiveness: Managing Your Business through Technology and Process Enhancements
Most companies face many challenges when implementing technology-based solutions designed to help them improve the tax accounting process. Read this publication for ideas to streamline your tax provision calculations.

Helping to Manage Your Company’s Expansion into the US Market: A Cost-Effective Diagnostic Service Offering
PwC’s cost-effective diagnostic service offering can help make your expansion into the US market less costly and more efficient. Get more details from this publication.

Considering Your International Tax Structuring in Light of New Economic Circumstances
PwC can help Canadian companies with international operations and tax structuring review their tax structures in light of the economic downturn and weakening Canadian dollar.

Restructuring Equity-based Compensation to Reduce Cash Outlays for Companies and Retain Executives
With traditional compensation plans losing their appeal in the current economic landscape, PwC’s professionals can help restructure an arrangement that reduces net compensation expenses while continuing to incentivize executives.

Tax Planning Opportunity Alert: Using the BC IFC to Create Cash-Tax Savings for Your Business
PwC's professionals suggest careful planning using BC's special tax regime can uncover significant permanent tax savings.

Tax Planning Opportunity Alert: The Credit Crisis and Cash Management
PwC can help you defer or reduce your tax installments, identify overpayments, access lower tax rates, maximize tax credits, and expedite the tax refund process.

Tax Planning Opportunity Alert: Forewarned, Forearmed: Tougher Tax Authority Assessing Practices
Add balance to your dealings with CRA during these tough times and tougher assessing practices.

Tax Planning Opportunity Alert: Bringing Tax to the Forefront in Business Outsourcing Arrangements
During tough economic times, companies target outsourcing to control or cut costs. However, PwC reminds businesses to not forget about tax because it can make or break a value proposition.

Tax Planning Opportunity Alert: Recovering Sales Taxes in a Turbulent Economy
According to PwC’s seasoned professionals, companies looking for opportunities to generate cash and realize cost savings should examine their everyday transactions to recover sales taxes.

Tax Planning Opportunity Alert: Recovering your Commercial Property Taxes on Changes in Use of a Business Property
Our PwC professionals suggest monitoring your commercial property taxes can benefit you during the economic downturn.