PwC and Workday

Working together to simplify your business

PwC leverages Workday technology to address the issues that shape the structure and strategy of your business

Innovating tomorrow’s workforce

There is a constant pressure to build high-performing cultures that attract the best talent and place them on par with financial results at the top of the CEO’s agenda.

To be successful, organizations like yours need more than just system implementations. You need talent and finance strategies tailored to your business and industry, and also innovative technology that highlight the role of human capital while effectively managing financial performance.

PwC and Workday work together to make that transition from “where we are” to “where we need to be” seem far less daunting.


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As Workday’s largest partner in Canada, PwC brings the full weight and expertise of specialists from across the country and our global network. Our dedicated teams have extensive knowledge of the issues organizations face with cloud applications, and the expertise on both the technology implementation and the business transformation to solve the most complex problems.

Through business integration and an understanding of how to unify human capital with financial management, you can make decisions backed by the right data and increase your organizational agility and innovation.

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Large scale implementations of HCM, Payroll and Finance solutions

Large organizations naturally experience more complexities when implementing systems. Often organizations work in silos and by standardizing processes they can make the implementation easier but also become more effective in how they operate. Our experience leading large scale, full suite implementations will ease this process so your organization can focus on reaping the benefits from unifying human capital management with financial management with Workday.

Implementations at medium enterprises using the Lifecycle Deployment Program

By using the Lifecycle Deployment Program  (LDP) you’ll efficiently be able to implement Workday solutions using a phased approach that allows you to quickly start harvesting opportunities out of the solution and incrementally build on it. As one of the few certified LDP partners in Canada, we can help you achieve your transformation faster.

Implementation of other Workday solutions

Sometimes it’s best to start small, but when you’re ready to grow we can help you expand your Workday capabilities to continue increasing your organization’s agility and innovation. Our experienced and certified product leads have a proven understanding of the ‘touchpoints” between Workday functions that will help you transform your business further.

Post-implementation and deployment support

Once implemented, Workday generates the data you need to make better and faster decisions and to have more business impact. If your business needs have changed from a previous deployment, we can become your trusted business advisor to get the most out of the solution, and your organization’s new ways of working.  You’ll get full access to Workday support to address your organization’s unique concerns.


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