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Case study: Managing data to deliver business value

A Canadian real estate investment business that co-invests with institutional and high net worth clients was overwhelmed with data and unsure where to start. Seeking a way to quantify the business value of this information and drive top line revenue, PwC was able to work with the client to find a solution that improves operational efficiency.

Client challenge: Excel hell and lack of visibility

The business was receiving a large amount of external data on a monthly basis, delivered in various formats. The lack of consistency and ability to quickly isolate meaningful and pertinent  data was creating confusion and hindering the decision making process. The client was spending approximately 85 man-hours per month manually cleaning and preparing data for reporting and forecasting. Their data analysis led to poor insights and decisions being made on gut feeling rather than facts and figures.

PwC’s solution: Efficient, data-driven decision making process

PwC developed a system that focuses on using agile analytics to help the client address key issues related to its productivity, monthly reporting and attaining future revenue goals. The system is able to assist the client to automatically process available data in less than 30 seconds and provide staff with self-serve data extraction capabilities. In addition to enabling the business to become more aware of their information, our solution has provided the business with the ability to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

Impact on client’s business:

Our client’s business required the ability to make sense of information relating to top line revenue and operations. Through the creation of a data intelligence system, the client is able to quantify business value and make sound business decisions. The tool has had a significant impact on the client's ability to drive cost savings and increase their revenue.

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