Junior mining headquarters

Structured for growth

Structured for growth

Growing your operations is both exciting and challenging. Focusing on the complex issues affecting you today, while planning for the future, is challenging.

No matter how small or large your mine is, we are able to provide you with tailored solutions. Our Junior Mining Team offers a variety of audit, consulting, tax and deals services that fit the demands of your company. We work with junior miners every day and understand the unique challenges faced by you and your company.

As part of a global network of firms in more than 150 countries, we’re able to work with our counterparts from Argentina to Zimbabwe to provide you with additional insight and perspective that mid-sized professional service firms are not necessarily able to provide.

We’re here to help you grow. As you go from being a junior miner to a major global player, we will help you focus on sustainable growth and profitability so your shareholders realize strong returns.

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Dean Braunsteiner

National Mining Leader, PwC Canada

Tel: +1 416 869 8713

Liam Fitzgerald

Partner, Competency, Innovation & Legal Tax Leader, PwC Canada

Tel: +1 416 869 2601

Nochane Rousseau

Managing Partner, Greater Montréal, PwC Canada

Tel: +1 514 205 5199 

Mark Platt

Partner, Assurance, PwC Canada

Tel: +1 604 806 7093

Mark Patterson

Partner, PwC Canada

Tel: +1 604 806 7160

James Lusby

Partner, Assurance Group, PwC Canada

Tel: +1 416 365 8181

Marelize Konig

National Business Transformation Leader, PwC Canada

Tel: +1 416 814 5862

Stephen Mullowney

Partner, Corporate Finance, Mining, PwC Canada

Tel: +1 416 687 8511

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