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Evolve or dissolve: A reality check for Canadian CEOs

22nd CEO Survey—Canadian insights

Finding growth in uncertainty

Entering 2019, Canadian CEOs are experiencing an economic reality check. As concerns around geopolitical uncertainty and trade loom, they’re increasingly looking inward for organic growth and efficiencies. Using data, insights and technology, CEOs can transform their businesses to deliver differentiated customer experiences and create new value. But organizations still report gaps in both the data they need and the skills necessary to do this.

The Canadian insights from our 22nd Global CEO Survey explore how organizations that close their data and skills gaps and leverage the power of artificial intelligence can drive growth and better understand the changing nature of the consumer.

PwC Canada’s CEO, Nicolas Marcoux, previews findings from our annual CEO Survey and reveals what’s top of mind for Canadian CEOs heading into 2019. View transcript

Explore the key themes

The transformation imperative

Canadian CEOs are less optimistic about the global economy and their growth prospects than last year. When CEOs lose confidence, it’s time to move ahead carefully and evolve business models and ways of working that no longer serve their organizations.

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Mind the information gap

Canadian CEOs see data and analytics as vital to success. Despite billions of dollars of investment, many find their current efforts don’t measure up. How can CEOs use data to improve business performance and understand the changing nature of the customer?

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Are Canadian CEOs doing enough with AI?

Most Canadian CEOs agree artificial intelligence (AI) will significantly change their business in the next five years, but there’s uncertainty around how the transformation will play out as Canadian organizations are still in the early stages of its adoption. How can Canadian CEOs advance workforce change and prepare for a future few organizations or industries can define?

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Evolve or dissolve: A reality check for Canadian CEOs

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