Training on IFRS, statutory accounting and taxes

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This is the 7th year that leading IFRS experts in PwC have prepared training for our clients. This year we ofer you 6 trainings on IFRS and statutory topics. If you have suggestion for a topic that is not covered below, please let us know.

Advantages of study with The Academy

  • Experienced tutors - members of professional organisations with more than 20 years of experience in providing consulting services and training for our clients and students.
  • Comprehensive administrative support and provision of liaison between students and tutors during the training programme.
  • Competitive prices and training facilities in the centre of Bratislava.
  • For completion of The Academy training, you can get CPD points.

2014 Training schedule

21 January 2014

Financial statement 2013 and changes in Accountancy valid for year 2014
Trainers: Peter Mrnka, Veronika Rajčániová

25 March 2014
Impairments and fair value
Trainers: Juraj Tučný

21 May 2014

IFRS 10 - Consolidate financial statement
Trainers: Juraj Tučný

23 September 2014

Revenue Recognition
Trainers: Juraj Tučný and Martin Gallovič

November 2014
IFRS9 Financial Instruments
Trainers: Juraj Tučný and Martin Gallovič

11 December 2014

Preparation of IFRS financial statements in 2014 with focus on changes valid since 2014
Trainers: Juraj Tučný and Martin Gallovič

Registration for the trainings is available one month prior to the training. You can register on-line at