Tax Reporting & Strategy

Managing tax risk and addressing tax reporting, compliance and accounting needs efficiently

The increased attention given by regulators and other stakeholders on the tax affairs of companies escalates the importance given to compliance and how tax risks are managed. At the same time there is a constant drive to use technologies, processes and people in the most efficient manner possible in the fulfillment of compliance and accounting obligations.


When could this be relevant to you

  • Being compliant:  Do you have corporate income tax, Zakat, withholding or indirect tax compliance obligations?
  • Building and managing a tax function:  Has your business growth outpaced the use of systems, people and processes to manage taxation across the organisation properly?
  • Accounting: Are you short of accountants and bookkeeping resources?
  • Payroll: Are you looking for independent, secure and timely processing of payroll?
  • Operating internationally:  Have you got operations across a number of countries over which there are compliance obligations?

What we do

  • Local country corporate income tax, Zakat and withholding tax compliance.
  • Indirect tax compliance.
  • Accounting services, including preparing Statutory Financial Statements and augmentation of financial controller, accounting and bookkeeping needs.
  • Payroll services and employee taxation compliance.
  • Globally / regionally coordinated compliance services.
  • Helping tax functions address their strategic, organisational, process and technology challenges.
  • FATCA and country by country reporting.
  • Assistance with local GAAP, IFRS and US GAAP tax accounting and reporting.

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Reshaping the tax function for a changing tomorrow

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