Forensic investigations and disputes

As Middle East economies develop and elevate their position on the global stage, they are placed under greater scrutiny in the drive to achieve increased accountability and transparency. These conditions mean that businesses are facing risk and challenges which they are not accustomed to dealing with, such as the occurrence of fraud, entering into formal disputes such as international arbitration or optimising the delivery of capital investment projects.

Whatever the complexity or urgency of the situation your organisation might face, given this additional scrutiny, PwC’s Forensics Services practice can provide a team of experienced specialists to support and deliver the solutions you need. Our dedicated Forensic Services team based in the Middle East assists clients and their legal counsel on a range of matters both contentious and non-contentious. PwC’s forensic expertise includes construction and capital projects, regulatory inquiries, fraud risk assessment, international arbitration, general commercial disputes and commercial investigations of both a financial and non-financial nature.

Your challenge

  • Your organisation has suffered fraud
  • Disputes are becoming a reality
  • Projects appear out of control, over budget or late
  • There is an increasing lack of clarity over the status of likely outcome of projects
  • The original understanding of risk, opportunities and liabilities no longer appear valid
  • There are concerns about the effectiveness of anti-fraud programmes, controls over financial reporting
  • You need an independent evaluation of loss and damage arising from a breach of contract or tort
  • You are involved in litigation or (international) arbitration and require an expert witness
  • Your organisation is facing bribery and corruption claims or there is a suspicion of accounting manipulation, or inappropriate/inadequate disclosure

How we can help you

  • Financial and non financial investigations
  • Disputes
  • Capital project services
  • Forensic technology solutions