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Generating top-line and bottom-line growth lies at the heart of any organization’s ability to deliver shareholder value. Leading companies today recognise that Innovation is critical to delivering consistent business results in all economic conditions. The speed of change in the new economy has reinforced the value of Innovation and PwC can deliver on this. To be competitive in the global marketplace, organizations need to deliver new products, services and even business models to market quickly, reliably and cost effectively.

Our Innovation offerings help clients develop a wide array of capabilities to achieve market-leading revenue and profitability growth. We have successfully helped many organizations develop new innovative businesses, products and services. We also help our clients build lasting internal capabilities, ranging from Innovation Incubators to global R&D centres to PLM systems, that enable sustained, consistent results. Our unrivalled experience in delivering Innovation capabilities is underpinned by deep knowledge on how to move organisations to both optimise core product/service innovation and development levers and find new paths to growth.

Companies that prioritise innovation to a great extent forecast 10% higher 12-month revenue growth rates than their peers. Also, top CEOs ranked innovation as the number one approach for growth. Increasing competitive pressures and a need to deliver growth mean that CEOs recognise the need to bring new products and services to market quickly and efficiently.

Growth via breakthrough innovation is a major topic in C-suites across all industries in the US, Europe, and Asia

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