Enterprise Applications

Our enterprise application professionals are at the forefront of understanding the pain points and challenges faced by the business and providing in -depth solutions. We help our clients achieve operational efficiency and effectiveness by harnessing the power of the solution to drive business intelligence which facilitates decision support .
With a team of highly skilled enterprise application practitioners, we have helped both private sector and public sector clients re-align their existing processes whilst using technology as an enabler in a continuously growing business landscape.

Our Breadth of skills
Project Implementation Assurance / Business Process Re-engineering / Implementing ERP Solutions / Post Implementation Review / ERP Maintenance Services

Value we create for our clients

Industrial Manufacturing
Flintec Transducers Private Limited and Straintec Private Limited subsidiaries of the Special Products Group of Indutrade AB a Swedish owned company, PwC helped  reduce transaction process time whilst minimizing manual intervention resulting in increased process efficiency.

Retail and Consumer Products
Facilitated Hunter and Company PLC - PwC reviewed the existing processes, reporting requirements, authorizations and controls and re-aligned the same with the existing ERP in the context of the business, processes, technology and people resulting in optimizing the usage and maximizing the benefits gained through the ERP.

Retail and Consumer Products
Phoenix Industries Limited - PwC helped mitigate operation and business risks by implementing governance, controls and authorization structures resulting in a secure system while maintaining the right level of transaction transparency and information visibility.

Manufacturing - Business
Assisted Nienhuis Asia Private Limited, PwC helped improve data quality while integrating the back and front office solutions to achieve on-line real time business intelligence relating to management, finance and operations to enable support for timely and accurate decision making.