Risk Management

In the face of market uncertainty and growing demands from regulators, shareholders, rating agencies and others, a disciplined, formalized but effective approach to managing risk can help companies become risk resilient – avoiding unanticipated losses and providing the clarity and framework necessary to enable confident, risk informed decision making.

We help clients become more risk resilient by addressing these issues:

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM): Support in the design and implementation of ERM methodologies and approaches as well as in the assessment of known and emerging risks.

Compliance and regulatory risk management: Anticipating and reacting to compliance and regulatory requirements in order to support performance objectives, sustain value and protect the organizational brand.

Privacy and data protection: Support in the assessment of the current state of your privacy and data protection environment. Development and implementation of global solutions and support in the management of incidents of identity theft and data mismanagement.

Governance: Advice to audit committees and boards of directors on emerging governance issues and leading practices. Support in the design, development and implementation of governance frameworks

Business continuity: Support in the design, development and implementation of business continuity programs.

Sustainability and climate change: Anticipate and assess the impacts of sustainability and climate change issues on the risk profile and strategy of the organization.