Strategy and Growth

A shift in demographics, innovation, and economic growth are causing many businesses to look at emerging markets for their next growth pportunity. What are the challenges and opportunities?


The human resource game is changing. Increased competition, a growing middle class in emerging markets, and new technologies are affecting how companies allocate resources, find talent and make investments. Is your organization keeping up?

Innovation and Technology

Technology is accelerating the flow of ideas, strengthening relationships and expanding the innovation process. The next step? Align it with your business strategy.


Leading organizations are adopting risk management practices that extend beyond the enterprise to include suppliers, partners and government. Is your business taking a 360-degree approach to risk?


Governance is a vital asset, an economic driver and a performance enhancer that requires a new agreement between business and society. Are you looking beyond financial returns to include broader definitions of wealth and value?


From accounting standards to environment policies, complying with government rules and regulations is more complex than ever. Is your organization keeping up?


The only thing that is constant is change, but you can create a distinct competitive advantage by incorporating flexibility into your operations. Are you embracing change rather than fearing it?

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Wealth and tax matters

This edition includes eight articles relevant to private businesses, executives and Entrepreneurs.

Car expenses and benefits: A tax guide and employee log (2014)

Using a vehicle for business means you face an intricate set of tax laws when it comes to claiming your expenses. Find out how you can take advantage of certain tax deductions in this annual guide, summary and employee log.

Financial Reporting Release, January 2014

Originally designed to bring the two GAAPs together on a fast track basis, and keep them aligned, IFRS soon settled into the accounting equivalent of long-term trench warfare.

Financial Reporting Release, August 2013

What’s new when it comes to Canadian public company financial reporting? It’s all a matter of perspective, because depending on who you ask, either nothing is new, or a lot is.

Financial Reporting Release, January 2013

This issue discusses the efforts of the IASB and FASB to improve and converge IFRS and US GAAP, as well as the steps Canada is taking towards enhancing audit quality.

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Gold, silver and copper price report 2015

It’s been another dismal year for commodities. Economic challenges, the strengthening US economy and an imbalance of supply and demand have had a devastating impact, leaving many miners with a cautious outlook for the future.

Conservation First

The Ontario government has introduced the Conservation First Framework, a six-year plan designed to reduce electricity consumption by 7 terawatt-hours (TWh) by December 31, 2020.

Canadian Banks 2014 - How strong are the Canadian banks? Perspectives on the Canadian banking industry

Canadian banks enjoyed relatively smooth, steady sailing in 2013. But risks and challenges loom under the surface, with downward pressure on return on equity and an ever changing regulatory environment.

Government and the Global CEO: Fit for their futures

Together with our private sector CEOs we have looked to the future and focused on how fundamental external forces of change such as technology and demographics are reshaping their businesses.

Combating cost escalation: Reducing costs and improving operational performance

With today’s uncertain markets, cost containment is an important strategy for increasing cash flow, creating a competitive advantage and driving shareholder value.

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