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Courses led by Buddhist Shaolin Masters brought to Slovakia by PwC’s Academy has met with great success. Learn under their supervision how to know yourself better, resolve conflicts, deal with uncertainties and cope with stress. Techniques used for more than 15 centuries work well even today!

To ensure a high level of interactivity, the number of training places is limited to 12 participants. Training can also be done in the form of a closed training for a particular company or group of candidates.

We currently offer the following topics:

Self-Empowerment the Shaolin way

In Shaolin culture, empowerment refers to the acceptance and the deep understanding of existing limitations. Many professionals and managers are constantly under tension that not only limit the ability to widen their own horizon, but that ultimately result in instability and stagnation. This training will provide you all necessary techniques and knowledge to support you in:

  • using adequate and powerful tools and practical exercises that will help to discover hidden limitations and improve quality of your life,
  • liberate your consciousness from unproductive thoughts and instead develop a creative and boundless mind, free from limitations.

Shaolin Conflict Management

Conflicts in dealing with each other are actually a very normal occurrence in our society. However, the culture of arguing must be learned, otherwise conflicts can turn into mobbing. Monasteries, where residents are living together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, within a restricted space have always been places where effective instruments for conflict solutions have been discovered. Turn conflicts into opportunities and opportunities into advantages and learn how to:

  • identify situations which can generate conflicts,
  • use different strategies to solve conflicts,
  • use practical tools in conflict prevention.

Stress Management the Shaolin way

Stress seems to be an unavoidable fact of life in our modern society. Constant stress can lead to feeling exhausted, pessimistic, and even depressed. The goal of this course is to learn how to handle everyday load of tasks, responsibilities, meetings, stress, pressure and emotions. Our Shaolin course will show you how:

  • describe your sources of stress and re-define your strategies for responding to it,
  • distinguish between what you can influence and what you cannot,
  • work on an individual action plan to reduce the negative impact of stress on your life and your family.

Dealing with Uncertainty the Shaolin way

For some people uncertainty can lead to a feeling of being powerless which is furthermore accompanied by being frozen and blocked. For other people uncertainty is the source that brings further innovation and creativity.

Learn in this training why and how to use your agility, open‐mindedness and focus to speed up your actions or to remove yourself from barriers that hinder a healthy and successful development of yourself and your professional business. You will learn:

  • how uncertainty influences yourself and your environment,
  • how to break through given mind‐sets and cultural assumptions,
  • how to transform the state of uncertainty into a chance for development and progress,
  • how to respond to change instead of following a fixed plan.

The Art of Strategy

The goal of this training is to acquaint you with various strategies and structured solution plans, based on the writings of Sunzi’s „The Art of War“. The contents are related to our modern lives, and can be applied and implemented directly in nowadays contemporary situations.

This course will improve your ability and efficiency in aligning your actions according to your goals. You will be able to interpret and apply these strategic guidelines to accomplish your goal in economic, political, business and private issues. The insights offered are of great value and can be used to constantly remain one step ahead.

By the end of the training you will be able to:

  • use skills to settle disagreement and remove barriers,
  • identify interests and avoid wasting time,
  • make use of proper preparation and structure actions,
  • recognize conflicts and control the situation.

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.


Shaolin Trainers

These courses are led by two experts:

  • Shi Heng Zong, 35th generation Shaolin Buddhist Master and Abbot of the Shaolin Temple Europe, and
  • Shi Heng Yi, 35th generation Shaolin master and Shifu of the Shaolin Temple Europe.

Both are eager to share their knowledge and insights with people outside the monastery.

Target audience: Executives and Managers, Department Heads, Team Leaders, HR members, Experts and Technical specialists, employees coping with stressful jobs.

Important note: While the speakers are both monks, we would like to clarify that the content of the training is in no way religious.

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