Discovery Programme - Modules

Module 1: Leadership Challenge

What leadership is, the challenges facing today's and tomorrow's leaders in business context.

  • Leadership - what the research says about successful leaders, leadership styles and types, examples
  • The „Hero's journey‟ as a way of approaching leadership
  • "Struggle for survival"

By the end of this module participant will understand what leadership means, why it is relevant for their business and self.

Module 2: The Leader within

Why should anyone be lead by you? Understand leader in self, personal qualities and capabilities we each bring in order to make a real difference in our firms.

  • Authentic leadership – vision/belief/commitment and natural talent, leadership relationships, relationship mapping, emotional intelligence to get below the surface
  • Authenticity in practice - mask on/mask off behaviour
  • Knowing self: define and express self - 121 coaching, 360 interpretation, personal vision expression,etc.

By the end of this module participant will understand own leadership style in context.

Module 3: Leading in the business context

Acting as a leader, your leadership role modelling and the quality of your reputation and relationships with external stakeholders.

  • Leadership in the business context, difficult business relationships
  • Authentic leadership as external expression (how to get attention, inspire, motivate, lead). Priority setting, leadership moments recognition, etc.
  • Knowing others, recognising their styles and being able to effectively reflect on that

By the end of this module participant will be able to identify new personal leadership intentions and priorities.

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