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The value of knowledge

PwC Mini MBA, best described as a compressed MBA for practitioners, is focused on developing the most important business skills.

Our PwC Mini MBA programme has received the Silver Award in the “Best Learning Experience Category” from the Boussias Education Awards in Greece for 2019, for the creation and success of our Mini MBA now offered in 12 countries.
The Boussias Education Awards is a prestigious event that takes place each year in which hundreds of organizations, businesses and universities participate having local and international exposure.

The Mini MBA training course provides participants with a clear picture of organisations, their structure and management methodology. Participants will have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge that has value and can be used in everyday business activities. It seeks to help participants develop the ability to see the big picture and understand different perspectives, which need to be taken into account when making a business decision.

Content of the Sessions

Business Mapping, Ethics & Corporate Governance

Linking it All Together - Preparing a business plan or a business analysis plan

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What do our alumni say?

"I attended the Mini MBA program to understand the broader context of the corporate environment and to enhance my knowledge in areas beyond my current professional experience. The program met my ex-pectations in this respect. The Mini MBA combines practical experience with theoretical knowledge. The result is a non-standard, but highly functional synthesis of knowledge and skills, which I highly recommend to anyone who al-ready has a certain level of work experience."

Jan Vachuda, Network Information Security (NIS) Manager

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