Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a management methodology that aims to increase quality, performance and customer satisfaction with lower costs. Learn how to lead innovation and change projects.

Why Lean Six Sigma with PwC’s Academy?

Tutors with real experience

• Our tutors are experienced professionals from the real business environment with a tracked record of Lean Six Sigma projects.

Work online with a team on a case study

• Expand your network, dive deep into discussion with like-minded professionals seeking to innovate their companies and solve a real-life business problem. Analyze a process. Find improvements together with other experienced professionals participating in this course.

Work interactively on your business challenge

• Bring benefits to your company by working on your own business problem. Project templates come from PwC – you will get a set of templates for process analysis, mapping, KPI building, project management and others that PwC consultants use in their improvement projects.

Collaborative co-operation with the tutor

• 100 pieces of feedback on your work – feedback from others on your project will help you grow. And you can join for instructor office hours twice a week.

Lean Management:

... Understand customer needs and participate in redesigning the processes to create more value for customers

... Find smart solutions to make things simpler, faster, better, cheaper and of higher value

... Identify non-value added activities in their work and suggest improvements, savings and benefits

Lean Six Sigma Trainings

Yellow Belt:     

  • Understand the foundation for breakthrough performance 
  • Deploy measurable improvements, apply the fundamentals of particular DMAIC phases
  • Learn the basic elements and benefits of Lean implementation

Green Belt:     

  • Run a lean stand-alone project that you can implement directly in your compan
  • Understand “the voice of the client”, transform his requirements into a company process model and systematically eliminate features that do not bring value to your clients

Black Belt:     

  • Sophisticated integration of Lean techniques into Six Sigma methodology, combining two progressive management approaches into one strong business strategy
  • Teamwork on projects that are focused on introducing innovative solutions

Lean Six Sigma Online Experience

Our tutors:

Roman Bauer, Jan Stejskal and Jiří Benedikt

Jiří talks more about the advantages of the Lean Six Sigma methodology in the video.

Watch and get inspired.

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