The CIMA Professional Qualification

CIMA - The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants is the world's largest professional body of management accountants, offering the most relevant finance qualification for business in both the public and private sectors.

Why The CIMA Professional Qualification

With the strengthening of the code of conduct, regulation and legislation within the finance profession, there is a growing demand for finance people with high standards of expertise and ethics. Therefore, both potential employers and clients are paying increasing attention to these professional qualifications. The CIMA Professional Qualification is recognised worldwide as the most relevant global finance qualification for business.


CIMA Qualification at a glance

  • The CIMA qualification is structured into three levels - operational, management and strategic.
  • On average, students complete the CIMA qualification in 4-5 years.
  • Holders of a relevant qualification, memebers of other professional bodies and MBA graduates may be exempted from some CIMA exams. In some cases the accelerated route to CIMA can be taken.
  • All exams at Certificate Level (C01-C05) are computer based. Since the beginning of 2015 also 9 objective tests are taken via computer and you can pass them throughout the year at our accredited Pearson VUE centre. The results are known immediately. The objective tests are 90 minutes long and the pass mark is 70%.
  • Case study assessments consolidate the learning at each CIMA level (operational, management, strategic) to reflect real-life work situations. They are also taken via computer but marked in person by our examiners. Case studies are three hours long and the pass mark is 60%. Case studies are available four times a year and they focus on the key skills employers have asked for.
  • Students need to prove their relevant work based practical experience according to the CGMA Competence Framework.
  • After the successfull graduation you will be entitled to the designatory letters CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant).

Who is it for?

CIMA prepares people for a career in business. It teaches skills for strategic advice, managing risk and making key decisions, applying accounting techniques to plan and budget, determining the information that management needs, and explaining the numbers to non-financial managers. The study is suitable for:

  • financial managers, who want to gain an insight into other business areas and acquire a wider range of skills;
  • graduates with minimal practical experience, who do not yet have a defined specialisation;
  • those who want to get more flexible career opportunities, and are interested in accounting, management and finance;
  • those interested in a career abroad – the CIMA is excellent proof of their skills, knowledge and proficiency in English;
  • and those who want to expand their managerial and entrepreneurial skills.

The Academy is using study materials by Kaplan Publishing, the only official study material on the market approved by CIMA. Set of study materials for each exam includes:

  • Study texts that contain all the important theory with real-life examples, questions and answers.
  • Exam practice kit that contains the official past CIMA exam questions and answers and is supported with tutor notes and their valuable exam tips and hints.
  • Revision cards, ideal for the final revision phase and to memorise the key examinable areas
  • Free online materials, including an e-version of the book.
  • Course notes developed by the Academy tutors.

You can browse your study materials here

Dates for year 2017

CIMA Paper Nr. of days Full course Revision course Note
Certificate level BA1 - - - Study materials only
Certificate level BA2 - - - Study materials only
Certificate level BA3 - - - Study materials only
Certificate level BA4 - - - Study materials only
Operational level E1 3 12.-14.9. - Full course
Operational level P1 2 - 2.-3.11. Revision course
Operational level F1 5 11.-13.10. + RC 26.-27.10. Full or Revision course
Management level E2 3 June 2018 - Full course
Management level P2 5 March 2018 Full or Revision course
Management level F2 5 8.-10.11. + RC 29.-30.11. Full or Revision course

Fees for year 2017

CIMA Students Fee
Registration £77
Student first year subscription free of charge
Annual subscription (after 1st year) £108
Exam fees from £82

By introducing new CIMA syllabus in 2015, taking exams has become more flexible. All exams can be taken at our accredited Pearson VUE center electronically. Altogether there are 12 exams: nine multiple-choice objective tests (three per level), and three case studies (one per level). You can take nine objective tests any time with results available immediately. Case studies, taken via computer but marked in person, are available four times per year. You can find timetable for 2017 at CIMA website

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