The Route to ACCA Qualification


In order to gain the ACCA Qualification and to qualify as an ACCA member, you need to:

  • complete 14 examinations (students holding relevant university degrees may be exempted from up to 9 exams),
  • relevant practical work experience,
  • and the Professional Ethics Module.

Examinations are held in June and December every year. Students are permitted to sit a maximum of 4 examinations per session. Papers F1 Accountant in Business, F2 Management Accounting,  F3 Financial Accounting and F4 Corporate and Business Law may be sat at any time during the year as Computer Based Examinations (CBE) and you can sit them in our CBE accredited centres in Bratislava and Košice.

Before applying for ACCA Membership, the Professional Ethics Module must be completed. It is an online training system designed to expose students to a range of ethical perspectives. You receive access to the module once you are eligible to sit paper P1 Professional Accountant. It is highly recommended that student sit the module before or at the same time as their training for the P1 examination.

A key component of the ACCA Qualification is gaining relevant practical experience. The ACCA Qualification will prepare you for a challenging and often demanding career as a professional accountant and, like all professions, it is not sufficient to solely rely on theoretical knowledge developed through an exam process to help achieve this.

Students are required to complete 3 years of relevant practice experience to achieve 13 performance objectives (9 Essential objectives and 4 out of 11 options).


Find out more about the syllabus directly on ACCA website. 

How long will it take to Qualify?

It generally takes 4 to 5 years to complete the examinations, together with the Ethics Module and relevant 3 years work experience. It may be possible to finish earlier depending on how many exemptions are granted from your education and if you have already accumulated enough work experience.

How do I register for ACCA?

The first step is the registration with ACCA, which can take place at any time. After submitting all necessary documents about your formal education and claiming exemptions (cca 3 weeks), students can enter the exam. Exams F1 - F4 is possible to sit any time at our CBE authorised centre. For entering exams F5 - F7  the following deadlines apply: 8 March/8 September (early exam entry), 8 April/8 October (standard exam entry) or 8 May/8 November (late exam entry).

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